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'From Here On'
(Self released)
Release Date: Out now

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland

eves fall

Eve's Fall are another one in a long list of Dutch female fronted bands. There seems to be something in the water there which turns women into singers who want to rock out.

This five piece band have only been around since 2012 so are comparatively new kids on the block but with ex-Epica guitarist Ad Sluiter contributing a couple of solos to their debut album shows they are starting to get noticed in the right places. This self released debut album has been out for a while but has just come to my attention and is certainly good enough to be worth a review.

Opening track 'Her Absence' starts the album in energetic fashion and quickly confirms maybe the most important thing for a band in the female fronted genre, singer Liesbeth Cordia can sing and sing well. She has a strong but very pretty melodic tone to her voice with an impressive range and a kind of emotional catch in her voice sometimes which is really nice to hear. The rest of the band fill the sound with nice melodic touches and while this is certainly a rock band with guitars up front they have melodic pop overtones which work really well.

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'No Compassion' is one of the songs they made a video for and is one of the best songs on the album. Full of moody overtones mixed with melody, some atmospheric keyboards(no keyboard player was listed on my copy so I assume live they'll use samples) and some really nice strong vocals and a strong chorus section make this one of the best songs on the album.

'Insignificant' is less memorable but still has some nice touches, really nice vocal harmonies and some cool stuff from that invisible keyboard player but the slowed down mid section should crunch the guitars a bit more, hopefully live that is remedied.

'Flawless' is has a lot of light and shade in it, the whole band showing a nice grasp of dynamics and an ability to sometimes use less volume to get more out of a song while 'A Change For The Better' sort of does the same thing but at a greater speed.

eves fall

The songwriting goes up a notch again with the other song the band shelled out for a video clip for, 'Enough'. It's another of their signature light and shade numbers which rocks out in some places and is atmospheric in others but boasts a some fine vocal work on the chorus which just helps it to stick in the mind.

'A Touch Of Fate' is a piano led ballad which is sung in a falsetto tone which makes it all sound too sub-Within Temptation to take seriously but mid paced rocker 'Long Forgotten' gets things back on track driving along on the back of some chugging guitars and more impressive vocals.

'In Denial' starts quietly but explodes into life with some nice Hammond organ style keyboards and little intricacies in the riffing guitars held together again by that lovely voice and then develops into something a little more epic and ambitious throughout its' seven minutes plus length. 'Reflection' follows in a more measured, heavier way but still is showered in touches of melody and I can imagine this one really working well in a live environment.

'The Spiral' ends the album with the band trying to throw all their pop, metal and melodic sensibilities into one intense whole and is only partially successful. There are some really nice touches and in places this is the most metal song on the album but it doesn't quite gel together for me and sounds like a bunch of ideas fighting for space to breathe and even a fine guitar solo isn't enough to save it in the end.

Eve's Fall are a fine addition to the female fronted metal genre, they have enough of their own style not to sound quite like anyone else and I love the way they can marry together driving rock and riffing metal with loads of melody and harmonies. Don't be put off with any talk of pop sensibilities, that just means they know how to use dynamics, choruses and a singer with a strong melodic voice to help make the songs memorable. 'From Here On' is a debut album full of promise and I look forward to seeing these guys live when I can.

Line up:
Liesbeth Cordia - Vocals
Bart Limburg - Guitars
Johan van Heusden - Guitars
Jeroen Gahrmann - Bass
Josha Nuis - Drums


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