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Release Date: June 6th 2014

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland


Tanzwut are a German medieval industrial band (yes you read that right) who over a fifteen year career have mixed rock and Metal and ska and punk with Celtic and medieval influences and gained a reputation as an exciting live band.

Singing in their native language; imagine if Rammstein added some home made bagpipes and a few jigs into their songs and you have some idea of where these guys have been musically.

Of course Tanzwut are not easily pigeon holed and over their career have varied the style and themes of their albums with their more recent offerings leaning more heavily towards the industrial side. I was looking forward to hearing this new album full of pounding Metal and wild bagpipes but unfortunately they have moved the goalposts again and retooled their line up to go totally medieval in style.

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This album sounds like the soundtrack to a medieval movie, lots of bagpipes and gentle rhythms and surprisingly musical vocals. It's sweet, and a little bit cool for a while but after a song or two it just becomes more of the same. None of the songs stand out or are particularly memorable.

Blackmores Night may not rock very much but their take on the medieval style is at least very song oriented but Tanzwut haven't managed the same trick. I can't really find a song which stands out or something to highlight where they could have done better other than to go back to their industrial/medieval mix.

I sometimes think that when bands change style as completely as Tanzwut have here that they should seriously think about not using the band name on it as it can be a bit misleading (eg 'The Score' by Epica is not really an Epica album to my ears) and 'Eslesmesse' is a medieval album with none of the fire of their rock and metal influenced releases which have gone before.

If you're someone that enjoys the sort of bands who play at medieval fayres etc then 'Eslesmesse' may be for you and the videos suggest that the live shows will still be fun but other than that it's not something I could recommend to rock or Metal fans. Check out their back catalogue instead.

Line up:
Teufel (vocals, bagpipe)
René (guitar)
Der Zwilling (bass, bagpipe)
Pyro (bagpipes)
Thrymr (bagpipes)
Shumon (drums)
Oually (keyboard, drums)


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