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(Inverse Records)
Release Date: 1st August 2014

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland

star insight

It has taken Finnish melodic industrial Metal band Star Insight nine years to go from inception to this, their full length debut album.

Don't think that they've been slogging around the clubs paying their dues and desperately looking for a break though as a quick read of their bio shows that this is one of those bands where the word project is bandied around a lot, with much home recording and swapping of ideas online plus members coming and going due to involvement with other projects.

This sort of background for a debut album can often leave the result sounding unfocused and incoherent and Star Insight do have a huge myriad of influences on display here. The keyboards especially can change from spacey atmospherics to the Pain like keyboard hook of 'Emanuela' with simple notes rather than a big swathe of synthesisers.

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Vocally the main thrust is from Pekka Rajala's deep Metal growls but 'clean' vocals from guitarist Jesse Etalamaki occasionally show up as on the impressive 'Signs Of Victory' giving the overall sound a bit of variety.

On the whole though the songs on 'Messera' are industrial Metal in nature with a buzzy riffing slew of guitars and growly vocals at the fore with touches of melody from the keyboards and guitars along the way.

There are gothic Metal sounding touches too such as in the epic 'Raven And Hell' with its chanting chorus and album closer 'Poem Of Misery' takes a completely different turn with a haunting female lead vocal from Heidi Lehtinen and is an excellent female fronted gothic Metal ballad but a bit out of place with the rest of the album.

Star Insight have had a large number of comings and goings in their line up and now that they have got to the point of releasing a full album (although the nine songs only clock in at 34 minutes) I don't quite hear a band identity shining through.

The variety on show does leave you feeling constantly surprised which you can't say about a lot of albums and there are some good songs and some really interesting musical touches throughout to keep you interested.

Definitely worth a listen if you like your music heavy but with melodic leanings but I'd like to hear more of a band vibe on the next album.

Line up:
Pekka Rajala-vocals
Mikael Nurmi-guitars
Jesse Etelamaki-guitars/vocals
Teemu Sohlstrom-drums
Jussi-Pekka Salimaki-synths


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