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'Enfer (De La Bibliotheque Nationale)'
(Scarlet Records)
Release Date: 13th October 2014

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland


It never ceases to amaze me the sheer strength in depth and numbers of European Metal bands. There just seems to be an endless swathe of them turning up on my radar, many of them are very good too. Italian Metallers Mastercastle are a case in point.

They hadn't crossed my path until now but this is already their fifth full length album in their six year history and what an enjoyable little gem it is.

Describing themselves as neo classical power Metal for me they combine a lot of the features of the current European Metal scene in a fascinating and appealing mix. The classical influences are apparent similar to many of the bands in the symphonic Metal scene but in Giorgia Gueglio they have a female singer in more of a hard rock mould to give a different feel to their sound.

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The power Metal vibe is there too with lots of meaty riffs and some mighty double bass drum beats but they add some classic Metal style riffs too and on top of that some genuinely virtuoso like guitar playing from Pier Gonella which is often jaw droppingly good but never overdone like Yngwie and his ilk.

With all these fine ingredients all you need to add are some quality songs and what do you know, they can write too. Opener 'The Castle' is a fine slice of melodic Metal with a big catchy chorus, 'Let Me Out' is a potential single for me with its oh so catchy hooks and big pop metal feel, a masterclass on how to be heavy and commercial at the same time.


Title track 'Enfer' is again chock full of hooks but plays with the rhythms to add an atmospheric vibe and features much of that excellent guitar work while 'Straight To The Bone' goes for a more melodramatic feel with some very imaginative touches.

None of the other tracks let the side down either but 'Coming Bach' ends the album with the neo classical Metal guitar virtuoso instrumental which left me slightly disappointed despite being very well executed.

So there we have it, another excellent European metal band discovered. If you have any interest in any of the various Metal sub genres mentioned I highly recommend you check this album out. As for me I have yet another quality band with a back catalogue to check out and my wallet is feeling nervous again!

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