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Stereo, Glasgow
10th October 2014

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland

crucified barbara

Supercharger are a five piece turbocharged rock and roll band from Denmark. Well that's what it says on their website anyway.

When I arrived in Glasgow's Stereo club just after they started I thought the description was just about right. Much heavier than the studio stuff I'd heard they rocked with a vengeance, full of a cheery feel good energy which the crowd responded to.

As the set wore on however no matter how I liked their effort and smiling, energetic good nature I couldn't really find a hook in a song to hang on to. Vocalist Mikkel Neperus is hard not to warm to as a front man but as a singer I found his shouty, sounds like the same note again and again style a bit wearing eventually. A good band then which many in the crowd enjoyed but some way short of a great one and with many flaws.

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Crucified Barbara have been around a surprisingly long time. Formed in 1998 that makes the band sixteen years old. Looking at the four Swedish rockers who make up the band you wouldn't think they'd been together that long but the way they play and especially their 'this is our stage and our moment f**k you attitude' shows all that experience counts.

Starting with the title track of their new album 'In The Red' from the off they are a well oiled, professional, mean rock and roll machine. They are such a tight band but take that togetherness and spit it out as raw energy right at the audience. In your face never sounded so appropriate.

crucified barbara

Next song up 'The Crucifier' is one my favourite tunes of theirs. Wearing their Motorhead influence on their sleeve it is a furious mix of power and energy yet has melody buried in there and a chorus which makes you punch the air and sing along.

The set continues with some tracks from their in my opinion inferior first two albums mixed with more recent material. The controversial 'To Kill A Man' from the new album is brooding, heavy and menacing. You really believe they might if you piss them off! 'Sex Action' is also full of all that piss and vinegar but has less song in the middle for me.

crucified barbara

'Lucifer #1' is dedicated to guitarist Klara Force's dad and uncle who have come to see their girl in a sweaty Glasgow basement. All the band have given themselves these sort of metal surnames and far be it from me to argue with these powerful metal women! Mia Coldheart certainly looks her surname's part whether she's spitting out the lyrics to the anthemic 'Rock Me Like The Devil' or spattering wild guitar solos around during 'In Distortion We Trust'.

The inevitable encore in front of the small but vociferous crowd starts with the gentle intro to 'My Heart Is Black' before the whole band explode into action once again. 'Electric Sky' is a stand out track from 'In The Red' and stands out here too, with its' catchy riff and memorable chorus section. I think this song takes the band's songwriting to new levels and the final blast of old favourite 'Into The Fire' is a real contrast between old and new for me and slightly anti-climactic.

crucified barbara

This was a really enjoyable gig from a cracking band. They don't do much light and shade so around seventy minutes of the sheer intensity that these kick ass metal barbarians bring to the party is probably about right. With a few more great tunes under their belt this band can still grow in stature and I hope that next time I see them it is in a much bigger venue. They deserve it.

Line up:
Mia Coldheart - Vocals, guitar
Klara Force - Guitar, backing vocals
Ida Evileye - Bass, backing vocals
Nicki Wicked - Drums, backing vocals


crucified barbara

crucified barbara

beer beer beerbeerbeer



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