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'Rats And Rumours'
Release Date: 20th October 2014

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland


German three piece Nitrogods are unashamedly a retro throwback power trio, determined to hark back to what they see as the glory days of rock. They made a statement of intent with their self titled debut in 2012 and now after regular tours to hone their sound and attitude they have come out with the follow up 'Rats And Rumours'.

The band ethos has been taken to the max this time around with the album being recorded using a studio with old fashioned analogue facilities and there is absolutely no doubt that this album sounds and feels authentic. The production sounds like an 80s Motörhead album and when they sing 'Whiskey Supernova' or 'Damn Right (They Call It Rock And Roll)' you know the guys in the band believe every word and feel every note.

Nitrogods describe themselves as a no bullshit rock and roll band and their style is a fusion of rock and punk and blues and a large slice of rockabilly. It is undoubtedly blues and booze fueled loud rock and roll with loads of slide guitar and many nods to the Stray Cats and their ilk. All this is great but my problem is that I know that Motörhead and Rose Tattoo are big influences on the band but too often they sound just like them.

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If someone had played the title track to me and told me it was an unreleased Motörhead track I would have believed them. The same goes for 'Got Pride' and these are the first two tracks on the album and leave an impression.

'Nothing But Trouble' has some great slide guitar but it sounds like Rose Tattoo with a new singer. To be fair there is more variety on the album. 'Irish Honey' is a big slice of rock and rockabilly mixed up while 'Back Home' has Thin Lizzy like overtones. 'Ramblin' Broke' is a lovely piece of heavy, groovy blues and 'BMW' is a hilarious German answer to songs about riding Harleys. On the other hand 'Dirty Old Man' is a great romp of a song but sounds like Motörhead having a laugh and adding some melody for fun.


I think how much you like this album and the Nitrogods will depend on how much you forgive them for remixing some old roots. Let's face it it's hard to be original these days and I am sure that in a sweaty club with a few beers on the go Nitrogods would sound like manna from heaven.

In the end although I find 'Rats And Rumours' a fun listen overall it has too many obviously derivative tracks to take completely seriously.

Line up:
Henny Wolter – Guitars
Oimel Larcher – Bass, Vocals
Klaus Sperling - Drums


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