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andy rawll

Inveterate world-traveller and gig goer since NWOBHM days. Campus radioed and roadied my way through college, humping Marshalls up three flights of stairs at Aston Uni for the good, the great and the down-right ugly, including: Diamond Head, Gary Moore, Scorched Earth, Eurythmics, Flock of Seagulls, Glitter Band, Q-Tips, Judie Tzuke, Department S, Teardrop Explodes.

Did campus and hospital radio for a fair few years before my peripatetic work in telecoms took me away from it all. Now working in video comms, so more home-based and gigging and writing more, which is nice. Pretty eclectic tastes, including new wave, power-pop, pomp and prog Metal and not forgetting the widdly-widdly jazz odyssey excesses of fusion...

20 February 2014: Gary Moore: Classic Album Selection
1 October 2013: Ken Hensley & Live Fire: 'Trouble'
1 October 2013: Blue October: 'Sway'


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