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Hollywood Awards, Ratchada, Bangkok
24th April 2014

Guru Bhai: Photos by Jimmy Drama

Guru Bhai


April 2014 had promised to be a great month for live shows here in Bangkok. Despite not being a death Metal or thrash Metal fan I was looking forward to all the acts that were supposed to be making an appearance.

Skeletonwitch – I'd heard of them many times and read many great reviews, Death Angel – seen them before and even hung out with the guys and of course the gig was smashing (they played in Bangkok alongside HellYeah and Anthrax), Deicide – only heard a bit of their stuff but wanted to feel the show vibes, and then there's Kreator – the name which rings solid Teutonic aggression and an established fan base.

Since the first three shows I mentioned were cancelled (ekh!), there was no way I was going to miss Kreator.

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The last time I was at Hollywood Awards venue in Ratchada area was when Lamb of God had played there in September 2013. I'd gone to see the show with MetalkTalk's very own Mark Taylor who'd got me the ticket and that was the first piece I wrote for MetalTalk. Chek out the review here.

Almost like a Déjà vu, here he is again in Bangkok and we had just sealed the deal with the devil by planning to go to see Kreator together, which was supposed to take place at Hollywood Awards again.

For those who don't know, Hollywood awards is a big venue but its main function is hosting dancing cabaret shows which usually begins at about 11.00pm (when Behemoth had finished playing there, up next was Thailand's country pop star with a huge number of high heels and short skirts strutting up and down.)


On the day of the show I went to pick up Mark at his hotel. While I was in the lobby waiting, I saw some people I knew, people always visible to me only during gigs, people who when I see I know that there's something brewing in the vicinity. My hunch was correct, because when I turned to the right I saw Mille Petrozza, sat down wearing a hoodie working on his laptop. We had the obligatory photo shoot, and I ended up having a few words with the man.

While he may be a vocal bulldozer on stage, right then we chatted amicably and discussed the previous night's events. Sadly enough, Kreator's gig in Kuala Lampur the night before was cancelled (another déjà vu moment as LoG's show in KL before Bangkok was also cancelled), and the media is still throwing blames around as to whose fault it is.

I've had people refuse my offer of snack/beverage before but this was the first time I got a "No thanks, I'm a vegan" and it was from thrash legend Kreator's singer, which took me a few minutes to process. We said our "ciaos" and I'd gone out to get dinner with Mark.

We arrived at the show, loaded with greasy food and carrying two tall cola slushies laced with local rum, ready to kill. After the meet and greets with the local metal crowd we finally made our way to the gate and got our passes. The show began in ten minutes and you could tell people are excited because when the intro came on all the hordes came running. We got inside and were surprised to see the decent enough turnout. The main area was packed and it looked to be a great crowd.


The event started off great, with red theme to the lighting which was fantastic. The band had just finished one song and man the crowd was already worked up like hyenas in a killzone. The feeling of awesomeness was contagious as all these thrash fans, disappointed by the cancellations of the other shows, had now united here and were ready to let the next hour take them away from their problems.

The band shredded the place apart and Mille did a job par excellence as a frontman. His energy kept peaking and he'd always add a little message before and after songs. He got the crowd worked up into walls of death, circle pits and all other Metal gymnastics imaginable, and his insistence on "brutality and violence" didn't help in calming the people down either. The Flag of Hate was held high and people cheered on and on!

After the show finished we were in the best place to be – the Metal parking lot, talking to friends, making new ones and all in all getting our drinks on like a bunch of muthas. We drifted off to Hemingways's bar and got ourselves a few Zombies and Maitais (as Mr Taylor would have it) like a bunch of tourists from Bond films.

The night continued into the morning hours as we prowled the dirty streets and other types of 'red light' themed venues.

That was one hell of a night and it was fun as always to spend an evening out with my good friend Mark. Kreator was now checked off my list, alongside Tankard and Destruction. I can still see the moshpit from that night, the crowd dancing in full cracking metal frenzy, as bodies flew and in all that madness, it was everyone against everyone.

Kreator Setlist for Bangkok April 24, 2014

1. Phantom Antichrist
2. From Flood Into Fire
3. Warcurse
4. Coma Of Souls (intro only)
5. Endless Pain
6. Pleasure To Kill
7. Hordes Of Chaos
8. Death To The World
9. Riot Of Violence
10. Enemy Of God
11. Phobia
12. Violent Revolution
13. United In Hate
14. People Of The Lie
15. Civilization Collapse (Big Bang)
16. Flag of Hate/Tormentor

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