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Photographer Sean Cameron covers everything from pet photography to weddings, but his favourite subject is gigs. And Metal gigs at that. He may look formal but look closely and you might just spot that tattoo of Iron Maiden's Eddie on his forearm. As they say "scratch the surface" He owns seven snakes and a large motorbike.

A lifelong fan of Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and AC/DC he is thoroughly enjoying meeting and photographing all the bands MetalTalk send him to. He even does the odd review too.

31st December 2014: Young Lust Reunion And Ten Year Celebration At The Sanctuary, Basingstoke
30th December 2014: Best Of 2014
21st October 2014: Interview And Gig Review With James Toseland At The 100 Club
15th September 2014: Falling Red: The Joiners, Southampton Plus Dave Sanders Speaks To MetalTalk's Sean Cameron
7th July 2014: Daniel Leigh Of New Device Speaks To MetalTalk's Sean Cameron
2nd March 2014: Falling Red: 'Empire Of The Damned'
2nd March 2014: Butcher Babies/The Defiled: 02 Academy Islington for Music and Gig photography.


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