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Luke Loki Milne

Luke 'Loki' Milne moved to Bournemouth in 2009 to study Music Performance at the local university. During his time there he began DJ'ing and hosting gigs at a local alternative nightclub, Sound Circus.

Through his connections with the local bands and venues, he went on to create an amateur music blog that tackled reviews and interviews not only with local acts, but also those coming in from the rest of the UK.

His preferred style of music is somewhat stooped in mystery. One minute he'll be rocking out to some Lamb Of God, the next he'll be kicking back to the sounds of Muddy Waters. To say he has an eclectic taste is an understatement!

What does Loki have to say about music?

"Music isn't just about the music. It's about the lifestyle, the fashion, the icons and the constant evolution of sound and our enjoyment of it. Embrace the old, embrace the new, and always remember to keep on rockin'!"

18th December 2014: The Deathtrip: 'Flag Of Betrayal' (single from 'Deep Drone Master')
28th October 2014: Engraved Disillusion: 'The Eternal Rest'
10th October 2014: Stereo Juggernaut: 'Novocaine Hurricane'
8th October 2014: Mordred: 'The Baroness' (Single)
6th October 2014: Sumia: 'Until We Shine Again'
23rd September 2014: Prude: 'The Dark Age of Consent'
23rd September 2014: KMFDM: 'We Are'
11th September 2014: Wovenwar: Nick Hipa Exclusive Interview
13th August 2014: Sons Of Merrick: 'Of English Execution'
11th August 2014: DragonForce: 'Maximum Overload'
30th July 2014: Evil Scarecrow Interview On Their Bloodstock Warm-Up Tour


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