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Luke 'Loki' Milne

Luke Loki Milne


You're currently on tour and have been releasing preview tracks online in the lead-up to the release of your self-titled debut album. How would you say the general public has received your new material and sound?

"As far as we're aware the feedback has been very positive. The criticisms we do hear about are mostly regarding the new vocal approach with our new band, though we were anticipating that from the get-go."

How has it been on tour with Black Label Society and Kyng?

"It was an honor to tour with both BLS and KYNG. Both groups are composed of insanely talented and down-to-earth people. That combination makes for an enjoyable and inspirational atmosphere. Beyond that, the shows were incredible and the crowd was enthusiastic for the most part."

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You've remarked on how the personal experiences of As I Lay Dying's untimely end have affected and influenced the content of the album. It's clear that there's a strong personal statement from yourselves laced within the album, but what overall "message" do you think the fans will take from it?

"The atmosphere of the album is overtly positive. So much of the lyrical themes deal with trials and obstacles met with positive resolve. We can't control anything but ourselves — sometimes leaning on that notion optimistically carries us through the more unfavorable seasons of life."

How has the influence of producer Bill Stevenson (Descendents, Black Flag) and Sound Engineer Colin Richardson (Slipknot, Machine Head, Trivium) shaped the evolution of your music (if at all)?

"Bill is an incredible talent in that he understands a good song regardless of genre. His punk and hardcore background lend themselves to understanding the more Metal elements of our sound a bit easier while at the same time offering a slightly different perspective. Having Colin on the back end of things is always comforting as it is almost always a sure thing that the mix will sound massive and cohesive. It was an honor to work with both guys again."

'Tempest' is a great track and a personal favourite of mine. What's your favourite track on the album and why?

"Thank you for that! It's hard to choose a favorite as each of these songs holds a special place in my heart. Currently I'm really stoked on 'Archers' for it's more upbeat vibe... maybe because it's still summer here and surf's up in Oceanside that I'm particularly fond of it."

Given your personal experience with AILD, do you have any thoughts on Lostprophets' surviving members choosing to continue on as No Devotion?

"I wish those dudes all the success in the world. It's a terrible thing they have to move on from and it will probably take a long time to step out from that shadow. Though our circumstances aren't as gnarly, we totally relate to how hard it is for the rest of the world to move from the pasts we're both associated with."

You've cited that this album "bridges the gap between the old and the new". Looking forward, what's in store for Wovenwar for the rest of the year, and can you give us any indication of your plans for 2015?

"Now that the record is out we hope to perform the majority of it for as many people as humanly possible. Touring, touring, and more touring is our main objective with spurts of creative writing peppered along the way."

Do you have any closing comments you would like to add?

"A heartfelt thanks to anyone who has taken the time to check out our band. Any ounce of support given to us is something we value tremendously.



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