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'Novocaine Hurricane'
(Independent Release)
Out Now

Luke 'Loki' Milne

Luke Loki Milne

stereo juggernaut

What do you get if you cross Murderdolls and HIM with The Birthday Massacre, Mindless Self Indulgence and a shit-tonne of UV lights and disco balls?

Probably a massive (albeit interestingly lit) argument about who's got the hottest female fans.

Actually, you might get Stereo Juggernaut if you're speaking solely from a musical perspective... and that's not a bad thing. The Alternative/Electro Punk four-piece from North London (who won Best New Band at the Pure Rawk Awards in 2011) are currently enjoying the fruits of their labour; the release of their EP 'Novocaine Hurricane' earlier in August of this year... which of course is available to both stream and download from the usual online music outlets.

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Listening to the self-produced and self-released five-track EP, it's clear to see why Stereo Juggernaut have rubbed shoulders on-stage with Orgy, Breed 77 and Acey Slade amongst others. I wasn't kidding when I drew references from some of Alt music's finest high-profile artists at the beginning of the article; Stereo Juggernaut seem to be taking their musical influences from some of the best in the game, and it's certainly not a bad thing.

Considering the EP is entirely self-generated, it sounds pretty slick – both in terms of production and music content. Each of the five tracks featured (listed in full at the foot of this article) heralds a healthy amount of musical evolution within Stereo Juggernaut's selected genre, and a different atmosphere emits from one track to the next while remaining a "variation on a theme" - not taking into account "Forgive Forget", which houses an obviously contrasting "candy-coated" electro feel when held in comparison to the fairly punked-up tracks that surround it.

In spite of what I felt were some fairly obvious song-writing influences (I'd recommend 'Be Yours' for your dose of HIM-esque choruses crossed with Murderdolls' style verses, 'Jones' if you'd rather leave HIM out of it entirely(!) or take on 'Rotten Luck' for some MSI-style guitar and synth progressions), 'Novocaine Hurricane' manages to maintain a somewhat distinct vibe that has an energised, modern-meets-retro feel.

Honestly speaking? Although the cover art is (in my opinion) somewhat lacking in artistic flair, Stereo Juggernaut present 'Novocaine Hurricane' as a musically sound EP that delivers an electro-punk mash-up beset with a slick, sharp and sexy feel throughout. Each track brings something new to the table, and while it's true that the more astute listeners may be able to pick the EP apart into individual components (or musical influences), it's delivered with enough fresh personality to remain respectably unique in it's own right and comfortable enough among modern acts of a similar ilk.

Not bad for a band that's only been on the circuit for three years!


Stereo Juggernaut will be performing live at O2 Academy Islington on Sunday 30th November.




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