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andy hodge

I have been a professional bass guitarist and vocalist for almost 30 years and have worked in almost every genre including rock of all weights, funk, jazz, blues, reggae, big band, classical recitals, pantomimes and more!

Most recently my work has included being a regular dep for Neil Murray at London's 'We Will Rock You', then working alongside various Heavy Metal Kids in Raw Glory and writing and playing with my own Serious Blues trio.

My playing career has so far been eclectic; my listening history equally so. I was glued to Top Of The Pops from 10cc's 'Rubber Bullets' onwards, my pop leanings kept in check through discovering The Friday Rock Show and consequently all things Deep Purple at a tender age. Definitely from the Classic Rock side of things but always keen to listen to absolutely anything by anyone.

8th December 2014: Engel: 'Raven Kings'
4th December 2014: Sky Valley Mistress: 'Rival, Hounds & Rebel Sisters' EP
4th December 2014: Year Of The Goat: 'The Key And The Gate'


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