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Monday 23rd February 2015

steve goldby

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Today, Monday 23rd February 2015 is a big one - nay, a massive one - with no less than ten mighty releases all hitting the shelves at once. In all the time since we formed MetalTalk, we have never known a day where ten major releases came out on the same day. And we've got every single one of them covered here on MetalTalk...

In fact, we have had most of them covered for some time now as we started the year off with a blast and a huge sackful of record company swag to wade through and by the end of January, we had a spread of forthcoming album reviews that almost resembled a Who's Who of modern day rock and Metal.

2015 has been slow on the live front up to now but not on the new album front and today's ten releases are all absolute belters, some from long established bands and some from brand new bands and some from lesser known acts but they all have one thing in common - they all ROCK HARD!!

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So in no particular order, here's the lowdown on the magnificent ten. Whether this happened by accident or design is a point for debate but whether we ever get another day when ten major releases all come out on the same day or not, Manic Metal Monday Madness is certainly one to remember.

There's a link to the full review of each of the ten releases in our short preview here and you can see videos, pictures and get our very in-depth analysis on each one...


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It's time to stop calling them Thin Lizzy now as with this, their second album under the BSR name, they are creating their own identity separate to Lizzy.

The blood of Thin Lizzy still runs through the veins of this outfit, but they are now very much their own band with their own sound that cozies up to the legacy quite nicely, as Tony Conley rightly states in his full five pint review.

Great songs, great production, great line-up - could you possibly ask for anything more..?

Click here for the full album review by Tony Conley


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A four pint rating for The Scorps' 50th anniversary album and 'Return To Forever' features a mix of new tracks which were written between 2011 – 2014) along with recordings of tracks written earlier but never previously recorded.

And although there's nothing controversial that will land any band member with a month in jail, The Scorps have produced a solid and varied album which contains catchy heavy riffs amongst the thoughtful and the sheer heavy.

You can checkout a clip from each track on the album here

Click here for the full album review by Joe Geesin


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Ensiferum have truly delivered on their sixth album, a spellbinding opus that defines the word "epic" and enthralls you from start to finish, despite a very random Boney M interlude in the middle.

The Finnish folksters didn't follow a familiar path here; rather than play it safe and stick with a familiar and successful pattern, they've been as brave as the heathens and warriors they sing about and created a truly stunning album.

'One Man Army' is no less than a masterpiece, a total Metal monster that should push Ensiferum into the big league.

Click here for the full album review by Steve Göldby


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Ashes In Vein took a long time to make this self titled EP but it seems like the wait has been worth it.

This offering is "made up of straight forward modern Heavy Metal complete with the obligatory three vocal styles required to amount attacks on melody, aggresion and power" and it got four pints in our review.

It comes highly recommended as "guaranteed to satisfy".

Click here for the full album review by Daryl Soar


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H.E.A.T. have come a long way in a short time and 'Live In London' is a perfect demonstration of just how hot they are live.

Our review says that 'Live In London' sounds "like it was recorded at Madison Square Garden" and when you turn up the volume and the heat, you will see exactly what we mean.

This band could be absolutely massive in the future and when you hear this offering, you'll understand exactly why.

Click here for the full album review by Mark Taylor


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UFO's 22nd studio album and what a cracker it is. It's solid and consistent and sits perfectly with the band's impressive back catalogue.

It's another four pint rating for this ten track offering from the group who formed in 1969 and with this album, their legacy will continue for quite some time yet.

UFO are legendary and 'Conspiracy Of Stars' could well end up sitting side by side with their classic albums.

Click here for the full album review by Joe Geesin


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John Mitchell, best known for his work with It Bites and Arena, has produced an album that, in the words of our review, is progressive rock which is about atmosphere, epic, lush instrumentation, melody and creating an atmosphere to allow a concept to breathe and develop.

Mitchell wrote all the songs and did almost all of the instruments and vocals himself and even set out what was required from Craig Blundell's drums.

If modern prog is your thing this is music you have to check out.

Click here for the full album review by Ian Sutherland


metal talk

MetalTalk were out in force for the recording of Heep's 22nd live album and a night to remember has been perfectly documented on this fabulous CD/DVD package.

It's a statement that life (live?) goes on, despite the death of long time bass player Trevor Bolder and that the band's stiff upper lip is still firmly in place.

Our review states that this is "the best and most representative live album from the Shaw/Lanzon years" and there's not really anything you can add to that.

Click here for the full album review by Mark Taylor


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This is a super supergroup, not just in name(s) but in sound as well. Doug Aldrich, Jack Blades and Dean Castronova have joined forces to provide us with an album that is remiscent of Journey at their peak but with a heavier edge.

Just to back up its credentials, Neal Schon guests on one track and Castranova handles the vocal duties superbly well.

Another four pint review for a group who could make serious waves with their debut album.

Click here for the full album review by Tony Conley


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And all that remains now is tenth release of the day from All That Remains, their seventh offering since their formation on 2000 and 'The Order Of Things' contains some very impressive songs, some great playing and singing and much to commend it.

While it is heavy Metalcore in style, All That Remains have developed a more radio friendly melodic style of modern Metal which works well here.

Will this probably end well? Only time, and album sales, will tell...

Click here for the full album review by Ian Sutherland

So Manic Metal Monday Madness is upon us and with it, a good, solid slab of brand new music that adds up to more than ten hour's worth of listening. That's us sorted for the rest of the day then...


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