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'Live In London'
Release Date: February 23rd 2015

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heat erik gronwall

It's amazing that in a short amount of time I've seen this loveable band go from playing a pub sized venue, The Gaff, on the eve of former singer Kenny Leckremo announcing his shock decision to go solo, to the storming Borderline gig in 2013 and then smashing the doors of the Garage in London where the majority of this live album was recorded on a very hot 'n sweaty night back in May last year.

The addition of Swedish Pop Idol winner Erik Gronwall has proved to be an inspired one; his skinny frame and unique hairstyle coupled with his boundless energy and wit has made Gronwall one of the most entertaining and confident frontmen of the new generation.

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Blasting into opener 'Point Of No Return', there was no looking back as the band then surprisingly banged out the first single from their last studio album, 'A Shot Of Redemption', with it's macho singalong chorus.

Although this was a club gig, H.E.A.T approached the show as if they were playing the biggest of arenas ensuring everybody in the house was in on the fun.

heat erik gronwall

Having said that, this live album does in fact sound like it was recorded at Madison Square Garden with it's fever screamed cries of a million worshipping fans. But hey, I'm not complaining, H.E.A.T perform as if there are thousands there no matter what the size of the venue so who can blame them for living the dream and a little bit of overdubbing never did any harm to Judas Priest on 'Unleashed In The East' and countless other live albums.

Acoustics were in hand for 'Tearing Down The Walls' but this song still rocked with it's Bon Jovi-esque chorus. Dragonforce's Herman Li joined in on the fun for 'In And Out Of Trouble', refreshingly playing some neat melodic soloing.

heat erik gronwall

'Breaking The Silence' and 'Living On The Run' ended one helluva party. This is a good starting point if you still haven't checked the Swedes out. H.E.A.T are criminally underrated and are most definitely one of the most exciting rock bands out there at the moment.

They may well be categorized in the melodic rock scene but boy do these guys know how to rock hard and heavy with a capital F.U.N.

heat erik gronwall

heat erik gronwall

H.E.A.T: 'Tearing Down The Walls' Album Review And Exclusive Video Interview

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