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'House Of X'
(Escape Records)
Out Now

mark taylor

house of x

House Of X feature former members of one the greatest rock bands to ever walk on this earth. However, you'll have to be a bit of an UFO connoisseur to know what input these talented guys have had with the history of UFO, so here goes.

Fronted by former Heavy Metal Kid Danny Peyronel who was brought in on the keyboards for the 1976 album 'No Heavy Petting', an album which saw UFO change their sound to a more melodic direction, a sound that remains with the band to this day.

Former Lautrec, Stampede and Phil Lynott's Grand Slam guitar hot shot Laurence Archer who was in UFO some sixteen years later for the underrated 'High Stakes And Dangerous Men' album released in 92 in a revamped UFO line up along with Pete Way, Phil Mogg and former Wild Horses drummer Clive Edwards who is also in House Of X along with bassist Rocky Newton. Rocky never played in UFO but he did play with Michael Schenker in the McAuley Schenker Band in the late eighties.

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House Of X started live a few years back performing low key gigs up and down the country under the moniker of X-UFO before making the sensible name change to House Of X.

The signs were encouraging with the few original numbers they performed in their early live sets but three years on House Of X can be proud of this eponymous studio debut full of eleven fluid, high energized and original rocking numbers plus one diverse remake of a forgotten UFO classic.

Produced by Steve Mann who has done an excellent clinical razor sharp job of bringing the best results out of four individuals who have never quite fulfilled their potential ambitions.

A lively sound with Laurence Archer's frenetic guitar work just oozing with dynamic quality all over this record. Any young aspiring guitarist can do no wrong from learning his craft from Archer on this evidence.

There's a genetic feel bridging the whole band together on energetic rompers such as the parading 'Do Me Wrong' and the impressive 'Long Arm Of The Law'. Standout track is the drunken funfair ride of 'Mo More Tequila' where Danny Peyronel displays his personality on this raucous rocker which like most of this album features tangent quick change movements full of vitality.

Archer even sings himself on the capricious 'Alive', in a chant like manner. 'Busted' packs a commercial clout and UFO fans will be surprised by the refreshing depth and new leash of life given to the Peyronel penned 'Martian Landscape', a much heavier version than the one that originally appeared on UFO's album 'No Heavy Petting' without taking away any of it's original dreamy tranquility.

This is an imposing sturdy and solid effort that will prove many doubters wrong. Anyone who has any kind of interest in the UFO/Scorpions family tree will find plenty to indulge in with this debut. The classic sound of how heavy rock should be.

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