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'From The Setting Sun... (In Wacken)' - 'To The Rising Sun... (In Tokyo)'
Release Date: 28th August 2015

mark taylor

deep purple

The various formations of Deep Purple have released nineteen studio albums in their long illustrious career since 1968, including groundbreaking albums 'In Rock' from 1970 and 'Machine Head' from two years later as well as 1974s 'Burn' which saw a major shift in the line up.

These albums all set a template for how the future of heavy rock would shape itself and in their fifth decade Deep Purple are still delivering high quality product with their most recent studio album 'NOW What?!' Hitting the number one spot in numerous European countries including Germany. Even their homeland finally woke up to the Steve Morse era and took notice.

On my last count I had 53 Deep Purple live albums in my collection and I still don't have everything but these new collections are welcome additions.

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Deep Purple cemented their reputation as a live band with the seminal 'Made In Japan' recorded in 1972 and although Purple have never bettered that live album they've certainly have never just copied it as each single Deep Purple live show is a unique experience whereupon the same songs take on a separate journey each night with individual members adding their own improvisation with the songs lasting different minutes in length rather than seconds.

There's no click tracks used here and these two separate releases are available in both double CD and DVD packages. They were filmed at the Wacken Festival in 2013 and at the Nippon Budokan Tokyo a year later. Thankfully both sets feature the whole entire set lists as played on the day.

The Wacken set saw Deep Purple play on a hot scorching day literally as the sun was setting just after British rockers Thunder had warmed the stage up and before German pyromaniacs Rammstein lit up the night sky.

I was there myself that day, right down on the front barrier witnessing Purple at the 'Glastonbury' of Heavy Metal. Wacken is a mammoth festival and the Purps made a welcome change from most of the younger thrash or death Metal bands that normally play there. Deep Purple proved that you can be heavy without the need of being fast and furious.

deep purple

The Wacken disc opens with 'Highway Star' and naturally includes the zillionth version of 'Smoke On The Water'. At least this version includes guest Uli Jon Roth.

The Tokyo disc is the better of the two as this was their own show indoors which allowed Purple to really find their inner strengths. Whilst Steve Morse adds a new twist to the old classics, the most refreshing part of both of these live discs is the live versions of the new material from 'NOW What?!'.

The progressive 'Après Vous' opens the Tokyo show bravely in favour of 'Highway Star'. The fun and spooky 'Vincent Price' is full of raw energy live whilst both 'The Uncommon Man' and 'Above And Beyond' are nice dedications to the departed Jon Lord featuring great organic work from Don Airey. 'Hell To Pay' sounds like a band still having fun with each other.

Ian Gillan's voice has the range that no one who has just turned seventy should have but just don't expect him to scream his lungs out anymore. A bit like Lemmy, this is a man who will never throw the towel in.

Roger Glover and especially Ian Paice are amongst the best players in the world in their game, as is Steve Morse who is an entirely different player to his predecessor who gives Purple a different flavour but one just as tasty.




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