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Pangea, Osaka, Japan
22nd August 2015

mark taylor

evil invaders

If you think Metal music promoters in Great Britain have a hard time putting together a value for money show with the right headline band plus support acts who can bring those extra valuable punters through the door then spare a thought for local Japanese record shop/Rock Stakk Records label owner and promoter Mikitoshi Matsuo who not only brought over Belgian speed Metallers Evil Invaders, who are hardly selling out arenas just yet, but also put on three support acts including bands from the Philippines and from Australia especially for this Osaka gig.

That's pure dedication for you. A man born with a Metal heart.

The gig took place at the Pangea Club, an intimate venue settled in the heart of the Shinsaibashi shopping district with showtime starting at 5.30pm with each band given a hour to express their talents.

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evil invaders

I wasn't expecting much from local Osaka outfit Riverge, but Wow! They blew me away immediately as they hit the stage with razor sharp riffs and gung-ho vocals which took me back to listening to S.O.D.

Vocalist Shoji Nakamura is a confident frontman whose arms were held aloft in a celebratory manner to every number. Riverge have a thirty year history behind them and it's never too late for the world to wake up to these old school thrashers... Banzai!

evil invaders

Carrying on in the same vein were Philippine outfit Dreaded Mortuary whose vocalist and bassist is called Len, a diminutive lady who speaks politely in English between songs but becomes a savage Medusa figure once the riffs kick in with her straight waist length hair flowing everywhere.

Their latest album is called 'Vulgar Way To Die' and if new song 'Revolution' is anything to go by then things are going to get a lot heavier in the future.

One thing that amused me is how polite the Japanese are to each other in the circle pits, playfully running around without being too aggressive; the name of the game was having a laugh and enjoying the Metal.

evil invaders

Nothing Sacred are a bunch of bruisers from Down Under who look like a bunch of battle scarred roadies. Bulky singer Chris Stark looked like he could collapse through the stage at any moment but what a voice he had and he certainly knew how to work the crowd.

Formed in Melbourne back in 1985 they released one album, 'Let Us Prey', before going on a twenty-three year hiatus before reforming three years ago. Their maturity spoke volumes on the classic rock sounding 'No Rest'.

They packed a healthy clout especially on the explosive 'Warheads' and the pulsating 'Deathwish'. Bulldozing stuff full of amber nectar.

evil invaders

In a haze of smoke Evil Invaders turn up the speed to 100mph with full throttle into opener 'Fast, Loud N' Rude' from the debut album 'Pulses Of Pleasure'.

It's a full on speed attack with the band strutting the stage in a frantic pace like wacky cartoon characters on acid.

Frontman Jöe has a helium filled voice similar to Raven's John Gallagher and it's crash, bang, wallop all the way.

I prefer them when they take the foot off the gas a little when they sound like early Maiden like they do on the intro to 'Master Of Illusion' but this is a schizoid display.

Their hearts are worn on their studded sleeves with covers of 'Fabulous Disaster' by Exodus and a menacing version of Exciter's 'Violence And Force'.

evil invaders

Anyone next door to this venue must have thought that Godzilla was in town because this was a monstrous gig all round.




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