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Club Quattro, Hiroshima, Japan
5th September 2015

mark taylor


Hugely popular in the South East Asian region, London based synth laden power Metallers DragonForce get a hero’s welcome on this Saturday night performance with the band hitting the stage at 6pm - the normal starting time for gigs in Japan, in order for gig goers to get home nice and early.

DragonForce filmed their new live DVD 'In The Line Of Fire' here in the Land of the Rising Sun. It's the first time for fans in Hiroshima to feast their eyes on vocalist Marc Hudson who joined the band four years ago.

Hudson has secured his place with affirming confidence without an over-imposing flare. DragonForce are an animated bunch of characters who all play the leading role, swapping positions in a playful manner while showcasing their arty style of rapid fretwork.

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The sumptuous 'Three Hammers' shows what great depth DragonForce are capable of. The speedy 'Operation Ground And Pound' sees guitarists Herman Li and Sam Totman working to the fore.


The gothic embrace of 'Shadows Of The Night' and the melodic 'Seasons 'prove that DragonForce do not need to go full speed ahead at all times.

'Cry Thunder' is a fist raising exuberant anthem. Frederic Leclercq is a cunning linguist giving a polite statement in perfect Japanese, later he teases the crowd with some funky Chic bass lines which I would've preferred to hear in full over the daft 'Ring Of Fire' which set up neatly for the party ender 'Through The Fire And Flames'. A supersonic exposition.


With all the troubles currently going on in the world, I couldn't help myself taking a slight detour on the way back to my hotel and gaze at the infamous A-Dome, one of only a few buildings left standing 70 years ago when Enola Gay dropped its bomb only a few hundred yards away from tonight's venue.

If only everyone in the world listened to Metal, and not get caught up in mindless petty politics and hatred, what a wonderful world it would be.





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