Loudness, Club Quattro, Hiroshima, Japan
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Club Quattro, Hiroshima, Japan
4th September 2015

mark taylor


Japan's biggest Heavy Metal export Loudness were celebrating the 30th anniversary of their fifth album, 'Thunder In The East', an album that broke the band Stateside where upon they rode the tsunami wave of the hair Metal scene of the late eighties.

That scene was jovially relived as vocalist Masayoshi Yamashita and guitarist Akira Takasaki arrived on stage complete in eighties attire of spandex trousers and big wigs.

The sound was the same too as they immediately launched into the aforementioned album with the crunching riff of 'Crazy Nights'. The album was performed in its correct running order with the compelling 'Clockwork Toy' a highlight, ending the first set with the ballad 'Never Change Your Mind'.

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During the intermission a career respective documentary was shown before Loudness returned breaking into 'In The Mirror'. Akira Takasaki, rightly dubbed as the Eddie Van Halen of the East, was on stunning form all evening with shredding riffs and jaw dropping solos.


There was thunderbolt drumming from Masayuki Suzuki on 'Dream Fantasy' and Loudness validate that there's still plenty of fire within on the explosive 'The Sun Will Rise Again.'

I've seen Loudness before at a couple of European festivals but to have finally seen these Japanese heroes on home soil was a real pleasure and I can now rightfully see why they are held in such high esteem right across South East Asia.

A powerful set from a highly accomplished set of skilled musicians.


Part 1:Thunder in the East
Crazy Nights
Like Hell
Heavy Chains
Get Away
We Could Be Together
Run For Your Life
Clockwork Toy
No Way Out
The Lines Are Down
Never Change Your Mind
Part 2
In the Mirror
Crazy Doctor
Shadows of War (Ashes in the Sky)
Dream Fantasy
In My Dreams
The Sun Will Rise Again
Encore: S.D.I.




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