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Impact Arena
Bangkok, Thailand

mark taylor

Photos by BEC-Tero Entertainment

Muse heavily divide opinion among the Heavy Metal / rock fraternity, those who love them for what they are - a pioneering modern day progressive act who love to push the envelope of noise further afield - and the naysayers who dislike them, if truth be told, because they are hugely successful and are equally adored by millions of outside trendy rock fans which, like Nickleback for some, doesn’t make them cool.

Earlier this year Muse headlined the summer rock festivals and had no problems sharing the headline status along with acts such as Slipknot and KISS at Download and Metallica in Germany. Muse are here for a long time yet, get used to it.

The global appeal of Muse keeps spreading as the Teignmouth trio perform for the first time in Thailand, in support of their seventh studio album ‘Drones’.

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I thought I never would get to the Impact Arena, which is nowhere near any public transport, and I was stuck in a taxi for two hours as the Monsoon rain poured down heavily.

Fortunately the start of the show was delayed to enable fans not to miss any of the action which at the beginning had The Sergeants Drill intro barking out orders before the Arena stood to attention as Muse thrusted on stage for an imposing clout of 'Psycho'.

Matt Bellamy wastes no time in using the walkway ramp getting near adoring fans as he whips out sonic sounds of wizardry on his guitar before erupting into 'Reapers'.


Bellamy along with Chris Wolstenholme and drummer Dominic Howard provide foundation shaking rhythm with progressive sounds ranging from Radiohead to Rush and beyond, while the stage set is dark and atmospheric full of blinding strobe lights.

A dash of AC/DC's 'Back In Black' is snatched onto the end of the mighty 'Hysteria' and 'Citizen Erased' is "brought back from the dead from the second album."

Matt Bellamy gets behind the piano for the cover smash of 'Feeling Good' a track that Muse have made their own for a new generation. Later Bellamy would have his guitar slung over his back for the for the languid synth ballad of 'Madness'.


With the night already conquered, Muse set the countdown finale with the cry of 'Time Is Running Out', the endearing 'Starlight' complete with massive black balls bouncing around above the audience - a spectacular sight before the roof raising 'Uprising', a victorious ending.

The men in black returned for the high operatic vocals of 'Mercy' and the completely over the top ride out of 'Knights Of Cydonia'.

An astonishing display, why oh why did the producers of the James Bond movies pick Sam Smith for the next soundtrack song when they should have chosen Muse? Bangkok was shaken not stirred by brave heroic showmanship.


[Drill Sergeant]
Plug In Baby
The 2nd Law: Unsustainable
Dead Inside
(AC/DC's "Back in Black" riff outro)
Citizen Erased
Feeling Good
Munich Jam
Supermassive Black Hole
Time Is Running Out
Knights of Cydonia
(Ennio Morricone's 'Man With a Harmonica' Intro)


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