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1982 was a transitional period for Heavy Metal. The NWOBHM movement had reignited the flame for the genre after the seventies excessive global success for bands such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple.

Iron Maiden, Saxon and Motörhead had reaped the rewards of the NWOBHM period and coming up behind them were bands who wanted to play a little harder and faster with bands like Venom, Raven and Anvil leading the way into what was becoming known as speed Metal.

Just a couple of years later thrash Metal would totally change the game plan as did the hair Metal scene, that between them split the Metal world right down the middle. But let's not get ahead of ourselves here, let's step back in time to the world of spandex, denim 'n leather, bullet belts and the European mullet.

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In 1982 Belgium was famous for its Duvel beer, dark chocolate and Jan Ceulemans, the Belgian football midfielder who liked to smack in 35 yard screamers. Apart from Stuart Hall laughing his head off in Brussels on international It's A Knockout, Belgium rarely made the conscious minds of folk back in Blighty.

But that soon changed when Kerrang! Magazine did a feature on the West Flanders outfit from Bruges called Acid who featured the eye catching vocalist Kate de Lombaert, a leather loving wearer who dressed onstage in dominatrix thigh length boots and red cape, enough to get the pulses racing for any spotty Metal loving teenage males who like myself soon found themselves under the spell of Acid.


The rest of the band, who were male used nicknames such as Demon, Dizzy Lizzy,T-Bone and Anvill. We're talking real Heavy Metal here. The sounds of the NWOBHM movement were spreading overseas and Acid were soaking up the sounds of Motörhead, Venom and Raven.

Sadly they only made a real impact in the Benelux countries but they supported Motörhead, Manowar and Loudness which gained them a cult status that continues to this day.

Their first release was the single 'Hell On Wheels' backed by 'Hooked On Metal' released by Roadrunner Records in 1982 who decided not to take the band on any further.


Acid then formed their own label Giant and released their eponymous debut in January 1983.

The lyrics to opening track 'Acid' stated the game plan clearly ''Acid is the name, Heavy Metal is our game". The production is raw, sounding like it was recorded in a car breaker’s scrapyard, a Metal scraping sound of Motörhead and Judas Priest being crushed together with the addition of Kate's vocals which had a punky edge akin to Siouxsie Sioux who wails and screeches like a Banshee on the high notes. A happy house indeed that leaves the listener spellbound.

The Priest like single 'Hell On Wheels' was re-recorded for the album as is 'Hooked On Metal' with the original single versions included here as bonus tracks.


By the end of the year Acid released their second album 'Maniac' which is regarded as their best album. By now the Metal really started to shine with a much cleaner and crisper production.

Opener 'Max Overload' was full of fast riffs, yes we're taking speed Metal here at a frantic pace. Acid shot a promo video for the satanic racy 'Black Car' which along with 'Lucifera' feature dark demonic lyrics which seem a little Hammer House Of Horror now, but along with European cousins Mercyful Fate, this was scary stuff in '83.


By 1985 the game was up for Speed Metal as thrash kings Metallica, Anthrax and Slayer were ruling the roost.

However Acid bailed out with 'Engine Beast', a more melodic affair which failed to ignite the Metal flame as before, but this third album still has its highlights and charm in 'S.T.C' which stood for Screw The Cops.Plus there's the commercial sounds of the head rolling 'Helloween Queen' and the Pat Benetar hair brush stroke of 'She Loves You'.

The Eighties Metal scene was totally over the top, unashamed and unabashed. If like myself, you like your Metal dumb, proud and innocent then you will find plenty to cheer about with these Acid reissues on Cherry Red.

Each album comes with added bonus tracks of demos and b-sides and the highly informative sleeve-notes have been written by the Metal mastermind that is Malcolm Dome.

Now let us just pray for an Acid reunion. Those thigh length boots weren't made for just walking!

'Acid': beer beer beerbeerbeer
'Maniac': beer beer beerbeerbeer
'Engine Beast': beer beer beerbeerbeer



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