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Hall Basket, Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia
22nd October 2015

Photos by Umar Rachman

mark taylor


Having performed a successful show at Loud Park in Japan and five dates down under in Australia, Helloween stopped off en route to back home by playing two special shows in a country that totally adores the German Power Metallers.

Helloween are treated like Metal Gods by the Indonesian fans, many of whom greeted the band at the airport the night before in hope of getting a treasured autograph or a photograph with the band, and the members of Helloween duly complied.

Helloween were here to perform two shows in this Metal loving country, one big outdoor show near the historic temples of Yogyakarta, and before that in the capital city for an indoor show in a venue that normally plays host to basketball matches.

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Jakarta is a bustling city with a population of ten million; the air is hot and humid and it's considered normal to be stuck in the chaotic traffic for a good couple of hours.


Thousands of fans arrive early to make sure they don't miss one of their most favourite bands. Helloween have built up a massive following in Indonesia performing here on numerous occasions. It's no surprise that 99% of fans here are already sporting a Helloween t-shirt even before they visit the merchandise stand to purchase another one.


Showtime and three thousand Metalheads let their voices be heard as Helloween grace the stage. The stage set is impressive with a backdrop featuring the artwork from their latest album 'My God-Given Right' brought to life by an ice glazed Pumpkin Of Liberty bopping behind the drum kit.

Helloween soar into 'Eagle Fly Free', an opening that brings back happy memories for me as Helloween opened with this very number when I first saw them live back in 1988 at the legendary Hammersmith Odeon in London.


Jakarta went for the slam dunk on the second number, the zany 'Dr Stein' whipping the crowd into a frenzy of moving bodies.

Vocalist Andi Deris, who was wearing a Gene Simmons logo t-shirt, spends almost the entire gig way out front in the middle of the stage with arms outstretched letting the fans to sing the choruses as the Indonesians know every word to every song including the title track from their new and fifteenth album 'My God-Given Right' which along with 'Lost In America' proved to be instant classics.

'Waiting For The Thunder' and 'Straight Out Of Hell were roof raisers from the moment the band started to express themselves.


By now the chain smoking Michael Weikath had swapped his Gibson Les Paul for a Flying V, for a twin Teutonic terror attack along with Sascha Gerstner who now coolly looks like James Dean, with the sleeves rolled up on his leather jacket and his hair neatly cropped and slicked back.

The ever grinning bassist Markus Grosskopf is having a whale of a time playfully using all the stage and spitting out plectrums.


The sirens mark the beginning of a blitzing drum solo from Daniel Löble which receives wild applause before the band return for 'Where The Rain Grows'.

The Jakarta crowd evidently make themselves heard again on the striking 'Power':

Deris puts on a top hat as Helloween end the main set with a colossal fifteen minute medley of 'Halloween'/ 'Sole Survivor'/'I Can' /'Are You Metal' and 'Keeper Of The Seven Keys' where at the end, the band members one by one lay down their instruments, take a bow and leave the stage.


Encores of a pounding 'Future World' and the mass cry of 'I Want Out' ended a glorious evening of Power Metal in its purest form.

Helloween's next show will be a big change in culture and climate at the Hard Rock Hell festival in the UK. It will sure be freezing up on the Welsh coastline but on this evidence Helloween are going to be hot as hell.



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Mark Taylor interviewed Andi Deris and Michael Weikath recently at the offices of Nuclear Blast in London to talk about the new album 'My God-Given Right' . You can watch that interview again right here:



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