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'Ashes In Vein' EP
(Pavement Entertainment)
Release Date: 23rd February 2015

Daryl Soar

daryl soar

ashes in vein

Ashes In Vein reformed in 2012 to rush out this four track EP ready for its worldwide release in 2015. Yes, you read that right.

The EP is made up of straight forward modern Heavy Metal complete with the obligatory three vocal styles required to amount attacks on melody, aggresion and power.

On first listen, it's clear this lacked an infinite budget as musical transitions seem to crash rather than flow into each other. On second listen any thoughts of superglued juxptaposition can be overlooked revealing some mightily impressive songs. They still manage the odd awkward time change but if you can name a Metal band that doesn't, you're a better fan than me.

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The vocal melodies are really nice and the mix of high pitched fry vocal and rumbling cookie monster girth are really tastefully done. The overall mix is excellent.

The drums sound a little looped in their unrelenting perfection. The lead work is all as per expectations of the genre.

ashes in vein

My preference would be for a little less widdle and a bit more hard shred dynamics to add some extra feel, rather than allowing the drifting timing to become noticeable over the rhythm.

Given the minimal cost, the short duration and accessible nature of Ashes In Vein, I can't think of a reason not to invest in it. It has a good upbeat tempo and is guaranteed to satisfy when you aren't quite ready for a full Metal onslaught.

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