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The Classic Grand, Glasgow
Saturday 27th December 2015

Johnny Main

johnny main

killing from a distance

End of year gigs are always a bit of fun with the band having the opportunity to thank the fans for their support whilst also letting their collective hair down and having a bit of fun.

Santa hats and tinsel are prerequisite at gigs like this and as the band saunter onstage, there seems to be a distinct lack of festive accoutrements around the stage. "We're Killing From A Distance", says front man Jim Jackson to a warm cheer before adding "We're here to warm you up!" and it has to be said he does look like he could do with a warm jumper or a glass of mulled wine to heat him up. Guitarist Andy Farrell points at drummer Kevin Mooney who counts in the beat and the band are off and running.

'Rising Up' opens the band's set and straight away has a group at the front dancing away. It's clear this is going to be a loud set from the band – a very loud one indeed as the bass guitar from Camillo Morlotti thunders out of the speakers, while Jackson is handed a Santa hat from off stage giving a more festive feel to the band. 'Devil May Cry' is a slower paced number which has the audience at the front nodding along whilst Morlotti relentlessly paces the stage before Farrell brings the song to its climax from centre stage with a great guitar solo.

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Farrell keeps centre stage all to himself during 'The World Is Cruel' with not one but two more outstanding guitar solos and it's clear early on that he's undoubtedly the star of the show when it comes to stealing the limelight from his bandmates!

Farrell and rhythm guitarist Ian Murray engage in some great double guitar work during the track 'Killing From A Distance' itself as Jackson tries to squeeze in between them much to the amusement of the audience whilst Farrell and Murray seem completely unaware. This track is really a showcase for Jackson, though, as he gives a self assured vocal performance, occasionally and enigmatically trailing his microphone stand before drummer Kevin Mooneys thundering beats bring the song to its dramatic conclusion.

killing from a distance

'Love Me Too Much' is a sneak preview of material from album #2, and the song has a good steady beat ensuring that the party atmosphere in the venue continues. 'Victim Of Love' is another great song which has Morlotti atop the drum riser with a look of concentration on his face, so much so that he doesn't even manage to crack a smile on the rare occasions that he looks up at the audience. Jackson on the other hand looks like he's thoroughly enjoying the experience and encourages those right down the front of the stage to get involved which they are happy to do as they raise their hands in the air.

The band manage to slip in a late Christmas present in the form of 'All Fired Up' which has never been played outside the band's rehearsal room. Nerves were possibly showing a bit as Jackson jokes that he hopes he can remember all the words, but he needn't have worried as the band sailed faultlessly through the number. It's another good tune, so if this and if this and 'Love Me Too Much' are illustrative of the overall material on album #2 then it's certainly something to look forward to.

killing from a distance

Bringing their set to a close, the band launch into, 'Come On In', which has the audience singing along during the chorus. The song is a great way to end the band's set and their year of gigging and recording. Judging by the audiences reaction as the band take their final bows, they're steadily building their following, and I wish them every success in 2015 and beyond.

Killing From A Distance Setlist:
Rising Up
Devil May Cry
The World Is Cruel
Killing From A Distance
Love Me Too Much
Victim of Love
This is Life
All Fired Up
Come On In

killing from a distance

Killing From A Distance are:
Jim Jackson – Vocals
Andy Farrell – Lead Guitar
Ian Murray – Rhythm Guitar
Camillo Morlotti – Bass Guitar
Kevin Mooney – Drums

Killing From A Distance Online:

killing from a distance

killing from a distance

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