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'The Great And Secret Show'
(Nuclear Blast)
Out Now

Johnny Main

johnny main


When this album landed in my inbox, I have to say that I wasn't entirely sure what to expect.

A search of the band's history shows that even though Cradle Of Filth front man Dani Filth is a member of the band now, he's not actually a founding member. Indeed, the band was founded in 2011 by Daniel Finch, and Filth offered to help out his friend on a couple of tracks as, at the time, the band were without a vocalist.

History proves that the band at this point was floundering before fate happened to throw them a lifeline in the shape of bass player Nick Johnson, guitarist Colin Parks, keyboard player Lauren Francis and finally Aaron Boast who fitted into the role of drummer seamlessly. With the band line up more steady, they steamed forwards and the fruits of their labour can now be enjoyed in the form of this debut album. So what does it actually sound like?

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Well, that's more complex to answer that question than it is to ask it. Obviously this isn't a band fitted to the image of Dani Filth – without a doubt the most well know member of the band - yet his voice is unmistakable so you still get that Cradle Of Filth feel to some of the songs.

If you take 'Even Your Blood Group Rejects Me' for example, Filth's vocals are unmistakable and the keyboard led mid-section is certainly reminiscent of a Cradle Of Filth track, but that's not to say it's taking anything away from the song itself if you're not a fan of Cradle of Filth.

Boast's drumming leads the way in this solid number with Filth's vocal lines sung clearly whilst at the same time retaining a hint of menace about them. This song has been a favourite of mine since first listening to the album so if you're looking to dip your toe into the pool, then I advise that you give this track a listen first.


‘Girl From Mystery Island' is another great number. The guitar riff really drives the track and the addition of vocals from Lauren Francis only adds to the song. Rather than having them up in the mix all the time, however, they are used more sparingly. The verses are fun sounding even as they reference both Fay Wray (famous for playing the female lead in the 1933 version of 'King Kong') before taking a more serious turn as they name-check Doctor Moreau (who created human-like beings from animals via vivisection in an 1896 novel by HG Wells).

The violins (from the keyboards of Francis) add a searing quality to the song which is another firm favourite of mine from an early listen.

'Sanity Hits A (Perfect) Zero' features, for me, one of the best guitar riffs on the album. Filth sounds deliciously evil as he makes his way through the number with the occasional cackle thrown in there for good measure. Clearly Filkth has a sense of humour his music, which is a refreshing change from those bands who take it everything so very seriously. There's a slower piano part from Francis towards the end of the track is an inspired touch, whilst Filths vocals build up and up into a trademark scream. Rather than a '(Perfect) Zero' from me, this song definitely gets a perfect ten from me!

The album closes out with title track, 'The Great and Secret Show' and it's well deserved as the title track too. It's the epic track of the album with a great piano/drums intro before the main guitar riff takes over. Boast really out does himself here, thundering out the deafening beats before the whole song is pinned back to a simple piano track and some militaristic drumming before the ride starts off again as the track slowly builds back up to a furious pace as the guitar solo kicks into gear.

If you add a catchy chorus into the mix then what you end up with is a track which may not be the longest or most intricate on the album but certainly a worthy title track.

You can see Devilment live here:
Saturday 14th March - Hammerfest, Pwllheli
Friday 19th June - Graspop Metal Meeting, Dessel
Thursday 9th July - RockHarz, Ballenstedt
Thursday 13th August - Summer Breeze 2015, Dinkelsbühl

'The Great And Secret Show' Track List:
Summer Arteries
Even Your Blood Group Rejects Me
Girl From Mystery Island
The Stake In My Heart
Living In The Fungus
Mother Kali
Staring At The Werewolf Corps
Sanity Hits A (Perfect) Zero
Laudanum Skull
The Great And Secret Show

Devilment are:
Dani Filth – Vocals
Daniel Finch – Guitar (Left in January 2015)
Colin Parks – Guitar
Nick Johnson – Bass Guitar
Lauren Francis – Vocals/Keyboards
Aaron Boast – Drums

Devilment Online:

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