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'Send Them All To Hell'
(Nuclear Blast)
Out Now

Johnny Main

johnny main

the german panzer

The German Panzer are a Teutonic Heavy Metal trio, featuring three prodigious talents in the field of Metal.

With ex-Accept drummer Stefan Schwarzmann along with ex-Accept guitarist Herman Frank onboard, you'd think the band would be heavy enough but adding Destruction front man Marcel Schirmer verges on genius. There are no half measures with this band – it's hard, it's heavy, it's fast and it's a wild ride from start to finish.

I have to say that I listened to this album over and over again for a week and a half and I never got tired of any of the songs. In fact, they just seemed to get better and better with every subsequent listen.

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The double shot of 'Death Knell' and 'Hail And Kill' sets you up nicely for the rest of the album. The former has the phrase "send them all to Hell" whispered by Schirmer before the full onslaught of the song is unleashed. It's a high octane track that barely gives you time to draw breath at its conclusion before your ears are pummelled with the second track.

'Hail And Kill' might sound like a reject Manowar song but believe me, this is actually stronger than anything those Power Metal titans can produce! If you add in an easy to remember chorus, this will have your fist punching the air and if it doesn't then this really isn't the album for you!

If you think you this band are all bluff and bluster then think again. In the midst of all the heavy riffing and thunderous drumming there is 'Why?', a slower paced number that still manages to deliver a sold slab of Metal for your money. With an extended intro from Frank, the guitar riff sets up the sparse vocals nicely.

Schirmer has less words to negotiate than in some of the other tracks, and he delivers a powerful vocal performance with the relentless guitar riff underpinning everything. Schwarzmann too puts on a solid performance and he keep the beat at the back without letting the beat get too complicated.

For me, though, there's one stand out track here and it's 'Roll The Dice'. Having thought about it carefully, there's only one way to describe the song - and that is "epic". Now bearing in mind the quality of some of the other tracks like 'Mr Nobrain' and the full blast of 'Visual Collision' (which has Frank delivering one of his best solos on the album), that's quite a tall order for this trio.

From beginning to end, this track is a masterpiece and a real jewel in the crown of the album. Owing a debut to Judas Priest (or possibly just acknowledging an influence), it's a slower tempo track but just oozes quality with the great guitar riff at the top before it settles down. Frank's main guitar riff slices through the rest of the track before building up to an incredible guitar solo with Schmier giving a great vocal performance all the way through.

Schwarzmann holds the rock steady beat in the background being proficient but never showy and if you add in the catchy chorus then I'm sure you have the makings of a future classic that should be played at every live show.

At the and of the day, though, this album is a real team effort from three heavy weight musicians and with the prospect of a debut tour from the band in 2015, then this is one gig that I definitely don't want to miss if they touch down in the UK.

'Send Them All To Hell' Tracklist:
Death Knell
Hail And Kill
Temple Of Doom
Mr Nobrain
Virtual Collision
Roll The Dice
Bleed For Your Sins

The German Panzer are:
Marcel Schmier - Vocals/Bass Guitar
Herman Frank - Guitar
Stefan Schwarzmann - Drums

The German Panzer Online:

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