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'Devil Seed'
(Century Media)
Out Now

Johnny Main

johnny main


Swedish quartet Wolf have only been around since 1995 but they've already amassed a healthy back catalogue and this new release, 'Devil Seed' can only enhance their reputation as one of the best young Power Metal bands around.

This eleven song opus comes in at just under fifty minutes long, but not a moment is wasted as they put forward their most accomplished work yet.

'Overture In C Shark' is a nice instrumental to kick off the album but instead of just being thirty seconds of acoustic guitar, this track has a lot more substance to it with a solid guitar riff whilst the drums drive the tempo before it leads straight into the second number, 'Shark Attack'. 'Shark Attack' (the teaser video of which can be seen below) continues with the guitar riff from the previous track as front man Niklas Stålvind gets to grips with the lyrics.

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Stålvind has great classic Metal sound to his voice as he works his way through the track, which describes a shark attack in detail, before he reaches the chorus and the repetitive shouts of "Warning! Warning! Shark Attack!". This had me laughing but besides the comedy element to it, it shows that simplicity is sometimes the best way to go, as it's easier to remember and will no doubt have the crowd shouting it out at live gigs.

'Killing Floor' sounds not unlike something that should be on an Iron Maiden album as the twin guitar sound reaches a crescendo before the drums and bass fall into line. It's a powerful track, making me discard my initial thoughts that it was going to be a slower tempo number, but as the band come together it settles down with more of a moderate tempo.

It's a track that should be a cornerstone of their live shows from now on as there's plenty of opportunity for a bit of audience participation as the Stålvind repeats the word "Vengeance" time and again, no doubt punching the air in the recording studio as the track was being committed to tape, and this is the same reaction you'd get from a live audience I suspect.


In the mid point of the album, you have a pair of tracks that are amongst the very best on the album. 'Back From The Grave' is a mid-paced number where the rhythm guitar track is undoutedly the star of the show. Coming in from the lead guitar intro, the rhythm track settles down the pace before the lead guitar punches out a lead track just before the chorus giving the song a different feel from the others. The lead solo itself is another strong one with some flanging of the sound before the chorus jumps back in. Stålvind really stands out here too during the choruses making this a firm favourite of mine from early on.

'The Dark Passenger' is another dependably strong number this is dark and moody as the intro moves of giving way to the vocals which are slow and measured in their execution with Stålvind sounding particularly evil as he holds done of the longer notes. The rhythm guitar is relentless while drummer Richard Holmgren manages to slip in a couple of short fills but on the whole this is a showcase for Stålvind. The twin guitar solos from Stålvind and Simon Johansson come and go without actually adding much to the song, which is more of an observation than a critisicm.

'Skeleton Woman' is a much slower tempo track but it still comes away with a great guitar riff. There's a touch of Spanish guitar in the middle which gives it a different feel to the song, and the choruses are simply performed with the instruments pared right back giving Stålvind space to stretch his vocal chords before the guitar riff bursts back into the mix.

All in all, though, the album is a great mix of power Metal tracks and accomplished paying ensuing that this band have a bright future in front of them, so watch out for Wolf because this band haven't even reached their peak yet.

'Devil Seed' Tracklist:
Overture in C Shark
Shark Attack
Skeleton Woman
Surgeons Of Lobotomy
My Demon
I Am Pain
Back From The Grave
The Dark Passenger
River Everlost
Killing Floor

Wolf are:
Niklas Stålvind – Vocals/Guitar
Simon Johansson – Guitar
Anders G Modd – Bass Guitar
Richard A Holmgren – Drums

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