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'Phantom Time' EP
(EBM Records)
Out Now

Johnny Main

johnny main


It's always refreshing to have a band hitherto unknown to you drop their CD off to you and with so many established Metal bands reaching the milestones of ten, twenty and even thirty years of producing records and playing live shows you begin to wonder who will replace them when they do eventually retire, so could Tormenter be the band who could become one of the major Thrash band of the future?

Well if it was up to me, the simple answer would be "Yes!" This may not be the debut release from the Californian quintet, but for me it's the perfect way to sample what they have to offer – a six track EP coming in at just under twenty four minutes with not a single second wasted.

Kicking off with instrumental track, 'The Continuance', the twin guitar sound works together really well and although, at times, it's reminiscent of Metallica's 'Fade To Black', is not doing a disservice to Tormenter because you should never be afraid to show who your influences are. I have to say, though, that I liked this track so much in fact that it's now become the ring tone on my mobile phone.

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Talking of Metallica, the final track here is a rip roaring cover of the classic (and often underrated) 'Motorbreath'. This isn't just a straight cover, though, it's Tormenter putting their own stamp on the track and it's a more than competent cover as well as one helluva way to close the EP.

Aside from that, you have four other original tracks – all of which should be savoured. Leading in from 'The Continuance' the band crack on with 'Manifest Supremacy' as the guitar and drums pile in. The guitar riff takes centre stage whilst Tomas Bonilla's drums sound like he's only just managing to keep up with the frantic opening salvo from guitarists Jahir Funes and Joey Cazarez.

Bonilla sets an astounding backbeat for 'Parasital Exposure' utilising his drum kit to its full potential whilst the gritty guitar riff drives the track on. Vocalist Carlos Rodelo gives a solid performance before the guitar solo is unleashed. For me, 'Parasital Exposure' is a great solid sound and it's obvious the band have spent a lot of time rehearsing and honing these songs to make them the very best they can be before committing them to tape.


The addition of some shouty backing vocals on 'Command Control' gives it a meatier sound during the choruses. The instrumental mid-section has great guitar riff which gives way to the drums before the guitar solo takes centre stage. The guitar solo is another fantastic effort which culminates in some great twin guitar work from Funes and Cazarez before a second solo comes seemingly out of nowhere. All I can say is top marks for this one which is definitely a favourite of mine.

The final original track is 'Re-encryption' which is another full on thrash number. Bonilla's drumming is relentless as is the guitar riff as Rodelo does his best to keep up. There is an extended instrumental section where once again the band show their power and all I can say about this track is that I really hope they include it in their live shows.

At the end of the day, though, if you're looking for a young Thrash band that show signs of promise for the future then I can't recommend this EP highly enough.

You can hear a teaser for 'Phantom Time' here:

'Phantom Time' Tracklist:
The Continuance
Manifest Supremacy
Parasital Exposure
Command Control

Tormenter are:
Carlos Rodelo – Vocals
Jahir Funes – Guitars
Joey Cazarez – Guitars
Kory Alvarez - Bass Guitar
Tomas Bonilla – Drums

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