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'Bury The Ghosts'
Out Now

Johnny Main

johnny main


Based in Stoke-on-Trent, Sertraline are described as a five piece "alternative" rock outfit which to be fair is a bit disingenuous to the band.

Sure, they're a five piece rock band, but I wouldn't exactly define them as "alternative". Alternative rock bands are usually defined primarily by a distorted guitar sound, subversive lyrics and, generally, a detached and defiant attitude, so while Sertraline certainly have some attitude, their song-writing and performance, to me, take them out of the "alternative" rock category and more into the mainstream.

If you look at the debut number 'Dead Set for example, everything is here, from the bass heavy intro (courtesy of Dan Henderson), before the song settles down into its groove. The vocals from Lizzie Parry are well performed with her holding onto some of the notes in spectacular fashion, especially during the choruses whilst the guitar solo is an accomplished affair. Certainly I don't think the band could have picked a better opening number.

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If you compare that to 'Colours', the two songs couldn't be more different as the latter has a much more soulful vocal performance from Parry. The simple guitar and vocal mix allow Parry to showcase her skills and even when the bass guitar and drums finally kick in its all done with subtlety. 'Colours' perfectly showcases the bands lighter side and there's no reason why this could be their breakthrough single on rock radio which would give the band an extra bit of exposure to a market that may not have heard from yet.

The first Sertraline song I ever heard was 'Set The World Alight', a track which I found by pure accident – and I'm pretty glad I did to be honest. A firm favourite of mine after only a few listens, the track just grips you from beginning to end. The solid guitar riff holds the song together whilst Parry puts in another great performance.

The debut number released from the EP, I defy anyone not to be singing along to the chorus by the third or fourth listen. It's not all fast and frantic either as the slow mid section gives everyone a change to draw breath. A top tune if ever I've heard one, and certainly a track that I'll not easily tire of listening to.


'Not Enough' has drummer Tom Eivers laying down a solid intro before the track jumps up a notch with the introduction of the guitars. The middle instrumental section gives Parry a break before the sound is pared right back as her voice takes centre stage once again. 'Mean To Me', on the other hand has a nice guitar sound during the intro before an unusual drum beat takes the track up to the vocal section. Parry sounds more thoughtful here until the chorus when she's joined by some backing vocals that add depth to the song.

EP closer, 'All Choked Up' is a good mid paced track, once the build up during the intro has been negotiated. The backing vocals here are at their most aggressive, which is a counterpoint to Parry's softer vocal sound. All in all though, it's an accomplished piece of work from the band who are definitely a band to watch out for not only this year but next year and beyond.

You can see the official video for 'Set the World Alight' here:

You can see Sertraline live here:
Saturday 2nd May – The Brickyard, Carlisle

'Bury The Ghosts' Tracklist:
Dead Set
Not Enough
Mean to Me
Set the World Alight
All Choked Up

Sertraline are:
Lizzie Parry – Vocals
Josh Sutton – Guitar/Backing Vocals
Mike Hawkings – Guitar/ Backing Vocals
Dan Henderson – Bass Guitar
Tom Eivers – Drums

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