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Johnny Main

johnny main

to the pain

'Seven' is the first single from this New York based quintet's second album (due for release later in 2015), and let's not beat around the bush here, if this is indicative of the band's new material, then To The Pain are surely onto a winner!

Kicking off with some glorious power chords and it's not long before the central guitar riff fires off like a machine gun whilst drummer Jimmy Klimatas keeps the simple but steady beat at the back.

Vocalist John Intagliata sounds deliciously evil as he spits out the words with venom and before you know where you are, the carefully thought out guitar solo courtesy of Steve Shaver is upon you and is executed with skill.

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There's also a couple of stop start sections towards the end of the track which gives Shaver and rhythm guitarist Craig Piano the chance to slip a few extra nuances into the track but all in all, this new track is a solid slab of Metal.

Bearing in mind that the band only formed in January 2012, To The Pain is a highly original Metal band and I'm already looking forward to hearing the other tracks on the new album, so I'm hoping the band release it sooner rather than later.

All I need now is to get myself over the New York to catch the band live on stage.

You can listen to 'Seven' here.

You can see To The Pain live here:
Friday 20th March - Revolution Music Hall, New York

To The Pain are:
John Intagliata - Lead Vocals
Steve Shaver - Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Craig Piano -Guitar
Chris Borgia - Bass/Backing Vocals
Jimmy Klimatas - Drums

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