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'For You, Brother'
Out Now

Johnny Main

johnny main

if all else fails

Montrose band If All Else Fails recently hit the headlines when they arranged for a number of well known rock stars to participate in a Get Well video for the band's bass player Lewis Paton who is suffering from Crohn's Disease.

As a way to bring awareness of the disease, the band have written and recorded this track, 'For You, Brother', for their stricken band member – but more than that, he's their friend.

The song itself is a sombre and moody affair, which is understandable in the circumstances that it was written. The vocals are shared around the various members which is a nice touch and the harmonies are put together well. Musically the simple drum beats leads the meaty guitar riff when the power chords aren't being thrown about.

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There aren't any flashy solos here or band members fighting for the limelight but simply a band working together to pay tribute to a band member who obviously means a great deal to them all and whose contribution to the band cannot be underestimated.

For those of you out there in MetalTalk–land who may not have heard of Crohn's Disease, it's a crippling bowel disease with no known cure that has been around since 1932. Following a life-threatening episode, Paton himself required major surgery and spent over four months in Dundee's Ninewells Hospital, with lengthy periods in the hospitals intensive care unit (ICU) and high dependency units (HDU).

The track is currently available to purchase via ITunes and the band are donating all proceeds from sales of 'For You, Brother' to the Crohn's and Colitis UK (CCUK) charity. The band are also selling their shirts to raise money for CCUK and have already raised in excess of £700 for the charity so that, in the words of drummer Jamie Kinghorn: "(they can) do our bit to help CCUK, which supports those affected, funds research and campaigns for change."

if all else fails

Crohn's and Colitis UK is a UK-wide charity established in 1979 and their aim is to improve life for anyone affected by Inflammatory Bowel Diseases such as Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease. They have over 30,000 members and 70 Local Groups throughout the UK.

If All Else Fails are:
Stuart Thomson – Vocals
Scott Grant – Guitar
Stewart Laing – Guitar
Lewis Paton – Bass Guitar
Jamie Kinghorn – Drums

You can support Crohn's and Colitis UK (CCUK) directly at

Lewis Paton photo - (c) Bleeding Lens Photography 2015

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