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King Tut's, Glasgow
Friday 6th March 2015

Johnny Main

johnny main

return to the sun

Sometimes there are just too many gigs in at the same time in Glasgow. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining at all - I think is great that so many bands (both young and seasoned) are still playing to adoring audiences, but it just means you have to be a bit more selective about the bands who you see.

Tonight, for example, wasn't a headline set from Return To The Sun, but I was very keen to check out their set as I'd heard good things about them. I was also pleased that my adventure round a pouring wet Glasgow city centre from gig to gig was rewarded with a set from a really entertaining band performing to a packed venue.

With a set time of just over thirty minutes, the band didn't waste a minute of it with a six song set. Kicking off with 'Take Me Home', there's some gentle drumming from Nic Ross at the start but as the tempo and volume escalates, the band hit their stride quickly enough.

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Alan Barbour plays a great guitar solo and by the quieter mid-section the audience down the front are quite happy to sing-along. Crashing straight into 'Big Window', Barbour intently concentrates on his guitar chords whilst frontman Steve McCafferty and bass player Sean Ford jump about energising the crowd who get more and more animated as the song progresses.

'501 Circles' is a popular number judging by the reaction from the audience during the intro before the song bursts into life. The main guitar riff is almost swamped by the bass and drums so Barbour hard work is sadly lost in the mix at the start of the song. McCafferty does his best to get the audience clapping along and it's not an entirely fruitless task as a portion of the audience down the front clap along and later on even "the cool guys" (as pointed out by McCafferty) have their hands in the air.

return to the sun

A quick plug for their last single, 'Freakshow' precedes the tracks performance with Ross driving the song onwards. It's Ross along with Ford who provide the solid musical base for the song over which the guitars and vocals are laid. It's a faster number, and at times it seems like the lyrics could get away from McCafferty at any moment, by they never quite do. Even if they did, the small army of fans at the front are always there to sing along.

With their set time rapidly diminishing, the band don't wasting a minute as they carry straight on with 'Electrical Bugs'. It's a slower paced number compared to some of the band's other tracks, but it's Ford who shines here as he enigmatically nods along at the side of the stage, his face almost hidden underneath his unruly mop whilst the song progresses.

return to the sun

Barbour plays a slightly ragged guitar solo here, but it fits the songs mood perfectly, making this a firm favourite of mine. 'Covered In Dust' brings the band's set to an end in fine form. McCafferty has the crowd in the palm of his hand as they clap and sing along once last time before the band finish with a crescendo which is matched in volume by the cheers from the audience as the band leave the stage.

All in all though, an accomplished performance from a band who are capable of headlining a place like King Tut's on their own merits.

return to the sun

Return To The Sun Set List:
Take Me Home
Big Window
501 Circles
Electrical Bugs
Covered In Dust

Return To The Sun are:
Steve McCafferty- Vocals/Guitar
Alan Barbour - Guitar/Vocals
Sean Ford - Bass Guitar/Vocals
Nic Ross - Drums

All photographs - (c) Johnny Main 2015

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