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'Hidden Evolution'
(Century Media Records)
Out Now

Johnny Main

johnny main

angelus apatrida

Angelus Apatrida may not be a familiar name to you, but if you're a fan of thrash Metal, then you should really consider checking out this Spanish quartet – and where better to start than their brand new album, 'Hidden Evolution', a ten track opus that put them firmly in my Top Ten list of up and coming thrash bands.

Track one is 'Immortal' and it's a fast and furious aural assault from start to finish. Drummer Victor Valera does a tremendous job here thrashing out the beat without wavering, whilst the vocals from front man Guillermo Izquierdo are crisp and clear. As the main guitar riff slices through the track without a break, it's certainly a high octane start that sets you up nicely for the rest of the album.

Likewise 'First World of Terror' has a fast tempo once the slow build up with Victor playing a military style beat has been negotiated before the main guitar riff kicks in. The chorus here is slightly slower though still solid enough and it'll get the heads banging at a live gig I'm sure.

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The first ever song I heard from the band was 'Serpents On parade', and to me it was a great introduction to the band. Everything you need is tightly packaged into this one song, from the frantic guitar riff and heavy drums to the easy to remember chorus. It's not hard to imagine Guillermo punching the air as the song was recorded and I'm sure the audience will do the same at a gig.

The backing vocals add an extra depth to the track and there's a long instrumental section which bridges the two choruses where you expect the guitar solo too be unleashed at any moment but that's the one thing lacking from the track.

There are a couple of slower tempoed numbers here too. Most notably 'Wanderers Forever' which has a strong main guitar riff and it's nice to see the band don't have to do everything at furious rate. 'I Owe You Nothing' is a more mid-paced number compared to some of the other tracks and gifts bass player Jose Izquierdo his moment in the spotlight during the intro. There's a strong chorus section too, with Guillermo sounding not unlike Megadeth main man Dave Mustaine at time.

angelus apatrida

It's certainly a case of "leave the best till last" here, as the final number is the title track, 'Hidden Evolution'. By far and away the longest song coming in at nearly nine minutes long, it really reminds me of early 90s Testament with the guitar riff driving the track onwards while Guillermo gives a great vocal performance. His performance is so good in fact that you often forget that English is probably his second language.

I mean, how many British bands could pull off a solid performance of a song in French, German or Spanish? The guitar solo takes a while to break through but once it does, it really is the icing on the proverbial cake, before the pace slows taking the song in a completely different direction.

A simple mix of drums and guitar add a haunting quality to Hidden Evolution before a second guitar solo takes the song to new heights as the pace begins to pick back up once more as the song reaches its conclusion. It's a fine song to end the album on and certainly worthy of being the title track. In fact, if I was to describe it in one word, it would almost certainly be “epic” – a true epic that the band should be very, very proud of.

You can see the official video for 'Serpents On Parade' here:

'Hidden Evolution' Tracklist:
First World of Terror
Tug of War
Serpents On Parade
Wanderers Forever
End Man
Speed Of Light
I Owe You Nothing
Hidden Evolution

Angelus Apatrida are:
Guillermo Izquierdo – Lead Vocals/Lead Guitars
David G. Alvarez – Lead Guitars/Backing Vocals
Jose Izquierdo – Bass/Backing Vocals
Victor Valera – Drums/Backing Vocals

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