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'Time And Trauma'
(Spinefarm Records)
Out Now

Johnny Main

johnny main

36 crazyfists

Since 1997, Alaskan four-piece 36 Crazyfists have been forging a career that has seen them become one of the most successful bands to come out of the Metalcore scene. Since signing up to Roadrunner Records in 2002, the band have consistently produced top quality material that is both heavy and aggressive whilst at the same time has something to say.

With the demise of Roadrunner in the UK and Europe during 2012 the band were subsequently snapped up by Spinefarm Records, however, if this wasn't enough of a change for the band, long time drummer Thomas Noonan decided to leave the same year and was replaced by Kyle Baltus whilst bassist Mick Whitney also returned to the fold after leaving back in 2008 for undisclosed reasons.

'Time And Trauma' is the band's first release on Spinefarm and it's an apt title for a band who have had to deal with so much in their professional and personal lives since their last release back in 2010. Despite having two "new" members, the band are still able to create a monumentally heavy piece of work that surely must bode well for their future.

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The album is really one of two halves. On the one hand you have the faster tempo songs which includes '11.24.11' which is the date that Brock Lindow's mother passed away from cancer. The fast tempo is really held together by drummer Kyle Baltus thrashing out the beat whilst Lindow gives one of his best vocal performances here. Hardly surprising, I guess, in light of the subject matter – this song is performed from the heart with true conviction and emotion.

Likewise 'Lightless' continues the frantic tempo and I had to ask myself, has the band sounded any better than they do here? After a quick recap through their back catalogue, I was hard pushed to find a more "together" track than this one. This really is pretty close to the best they have to offer, on this album certainly. From the pin-point precise drumming of Baltus to the guitar riff from Steve Holt along with the astounding vocals from Lindow, everything just seems to fall into place here.

'Also Am I' is another fast number with a relentless guitar riff from Holt whilst Baltus shows his skill as he gives his drum kit a good work out before the pace slows for the chorus. Crazyfists by numbers? Not quite, but it's certainly not the best track here - by some margin.

36 crazyfists

Title track 'Time And Trauma' on the other hand is one of the slower tempo number with the Baltus punishing the cymbals on the off beats and as tracks go, this is another good one which richly deserves to be the title track. The guitar riff from Holt gives Lindow room to breathe between verses whilst the screamy backing vocals add an extra bit of body to the choruses.

'Sorrow Sings' has a long instrumental intro that builds and builds before Lindow finally comes in a good forty seconds into the track. Another slower paced number but is no slouch either however. Again Holt's guitar riff drives the song which has a great mid-section as it tries is best to drown out the vocals but never quite manages it.

'Translator' has Lindow giving a softer vocal performance during the intro with the atmosphere created by some light guitar and a slight echo before the track proper begins. Another one of Lindow's best performances - he really holds the notes well and proves what an asset to the band he really is.

'Marrow', which features guest vocals from Stephanie Plate is the real highlight of the album and is definitely a case of face the best till last. The male and female vocals blend together seamlessly whilst the drums are kept simple and uncluttered. The long gaps between verses only strengthens the song giving the listener (and no doubt the performers) time to reflect on the subject matter, which is actually about Lindow's wife.

As the song reaches its climax Lindow puts in another emotional performance on what is a fitting close to the album.

You can see the official video for 'Also Am I' here:

You can see 36 Crazyfists live here:
Sunday 5th April – Studio 7, Seattle
Monday 6th April – Tonic Lounge, Portland
Tuesday 7th April – The Boardwalk, Orangevale
Wednesday 8th April – DNA Lounge, San Francisco
Thursday 9th April – House of Blues, Sunset Strip, West Hollywood
Friday 10th April – Vinyl @ Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas
Saturday 11th April – The Rock, Tucson
Sunday 12th April – Club Red, Mesa
Tuesday 14th April – Red 7, Austin
Thursday 16th April – Jakes Back Room, Lubbock
Friday 17th April – The Silo, Abilene
Tuesday 21st April – Juanitas, Little Rock
Friday 24th April – Club LA, Destin
Sunday 26th April – The Masquerade, Atlanta
Monday 27th April – Tremont Music Hall, Charlotte
Tuesday 28th April – Track 29, Chattanooga
Thursday 30th April – Trees, Dallas
Friday 1st May – Alamo City Music Hall, San Antonio
Saturday 2nd May – Bayou Music Center, Houston
Monday 4th May – Soul Kitchen, Mobile
Tuesday 5th May – Iron City, Birmingham
Wednesday 6th May – Expo Five, Louisville
Thursday 7th May – Firebird, St Louis
Friday 8th May – Eagles Ballroom, Milwaukee
Wednesday 17th June – Warped Tour, Anchorage

'Time And Trauma' tracklist:
Sorrow Sings
Time And Trauma
Also Am I
Swing The Noose
Gathering Bones

36 Crazyfists are:
Brock Lindow – Vocals
Steve Holt – Guitar
Mick Whitney – Bass Guitar
Kyle Baltus – Drums

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