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Audio, Glasgow
Tuesday 14th April 2015

Johnny Main: Photos by Carlan Braid.

johnny main


The first band of the night I caught were 2 Cards Of 25, a new name on the scene for me. The band stayed on stage after their soundcheck and kicked off their set (without any introduction) straight into 'Stunning Devil'.

Early in the set it was obvious the band were having fun as front man Diego Gutierrez and guitarist Dan Baune shared a joke as they shared centre stage trading guitar licks in the fast and furious number. The band's latest release, the 'Lone Ranger' EP, was plugged before they launched into the title track which was a more mid paced affair as the band settled into the groove.

Gutierrez (without his guitar) gave his performance everything whilst bass player, Ash Milburn stoically swayed from side to side. It was Baune who stole the limelight with his guitar swinging shenanigans, though.

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'Fearless' had the crowd clapping along as Baune laid on the guitar riff. It was another slower paced song with Gutierrez doing all he can to keep the audience enthused, which wasn't entirely fruitless endeavour as a small group down the front nod along to the beat laid down by drummer, Lee Farmery.

As the band reached the midway point in their set, a cover of 'It's So Easy' by Guns N' Roses brought the pace back up again and was a very competent cover, but I felt it was all a bit disjointed. A lack of set lists on stage actually made me wonder if they were playing their set from memory or simply making it up as they went along.


Next up was 'Aphrodite' which had the band on a more secure foothold, however, with Farmery using every available drum and cymbal at his disposal whilst Baune laid down a great solo as a small group of headbangers towards the front of the stage joined in the fun.

'Alice In Wonderland', their first single, went down well and had the crowd clapping along during the extended instrumental mid-section before Gutierrez strapped on his Les Paul once more as he unleashed his show stopping guitar solo.


The band promised to end with a classic track, and true to their word, finised with not one but two classic covers. Led Zeppelin's 'Whole Lotta Love' was another competent cover that has the audience singing and head banging their way through it before Baune segued into Jimi Hendrix's 'Voodoo Child' for his guitar solo before the band reverted back to Zeppelin for the big finish.

It's the first time I've seen the band and they're good quality musicians with a set that was certainly entertaining so I guess the next thing for me to do it to track down a copy of their latest EP.


2 Cards Of 25 Setlist:
Stunning Devil
Lone Ranger
It's So Easy
Alice In Wonderland
Whole Lotta Love/Voodoo Child

2 Cards Of 25 are:
Diego Gutierrez – Lead Vocals/Guitar
Dan Baune – Lead Guitar
Ash Milburn – Bass Guitar
Lee Farmery – Drums

beer beer beerbeerbeer


Dry ice fills the stage as an expectant crowd gathers to the strains of the Monument intro music as one by one the band walk onstage.

There's an almighty roar as they strike the first notes of 'Fatal Attack' as frontman Peter Ellis bounds on stage. It's a high octane start to the band's set with Ellis enthusing the crowd as he tirelessly pounds the stage. Guitarist Dan Baune, who was doing double duty with Monument and 2 Cards Of 25, steps up for his guitar solo, handing back centre stage to Ellis once he's done as the song reaches its climax.

"As you can see we're not Outloud", explains Ellis before adding that they haven't reached the venue yet. "It's due to circumstances beyond their control so this is now officially a co-headline gig", jokes Ellis adding that Outloud won't arrive too late and they will definitely play.

Carrying on with their set, Monument launch straight into 'Renegade', the title track of their new album, which goes down a storm, with Ellis being the consummate frontman as he tries to get everyone in the venue involved. "You're beautiful!" he shouts as the crowd raises their hands as one on his command while bass player, Daniel Bate, and guitarist Lewis Stephens are involved in some on stage tomfoolery between them.

'Carry On' "is about following your dreams" Ellis tells the audience, and this band really do seem to be living the dream. Both Baune and Stephens are in synch as they throw shapes on the same side of the stage as the dandruff is flying on stage and in the audience too, as the song reaches its climax with an outstanding solo from Baune.


We're treated to 'Midnight Queen' next, which Ellis dedicates to "all the ladies and all the men who look like ladies!" It's a classic Monument track and is treated like an old friend by those wedged hard against the crowd barrier. Bate and drummer Matt Cherry keep the mid-section going before guitarists both step up to centre stage for their individual solo spots.

'Red Dragon' is an instrumental which gives Ellis' voice a break as the smoke machine goes into overdrive as the band keep the pace of the set high. Throughout the number, Cherry is all but hidden in the wafts of dry ice but you can feel the beat through the floor as he really punishes his drum kit whilst the three remaining band members get up close and personal with the front row of the audience.

As a sign of how highly the band perceives the Glasgow fans, they treated us to 'Omega', which as Ellis points out is "pretty much the first time the band have ever played this number live" and it's a thoroughly polished performance from start to finish. The headbangers down the front start before the intro is even over and don't seem to stop as the song progresses while Ellis climbs atop the crowd barrier as he gives one of his best performances of the night.

The long instrumental mid-section gives Ellis time to psyche himself up for the song's finale where there are no half measures as the band put in a stunning performance. On the back of this, let's hope this song becomes a standard in the band's set – it really was outstanding on every level.


A quick run through 'Crusaders', which slows the pace slightly giving band and audience a moment to catch their breath but it's not long before the crowd join in the singing. It's Stephens who steps up to centre stage here with an accomplished guitar solo as the track reaches its conclusion to wild applause.

With the absence of Outloud a planned duet with their vocalist, Chandler Mogel, is re-arranged on the spot with local boy Stu Moore invited to step up on stage to duet on the classic Deep Purple track 'Black Night' with Ellis. Moore does a credible job, bearing in mind there was no rehearsal, and he exits the stage to load applause - no doubt for a well deserved beer or two.

Monument bring their set to a close with a double barrelled shot of 'Rock The Night' and 'Runaway', with which they end their set pretty much as it began – with some high octane Heavy Metal. Ellis gives it everything he's got one last time and at one point he's so animated that he looks ready to hurl himself into the crowd at any point as he balances precariously on the edge of the barrier!

On the back of Monument's t-shirts it says "True British Heavy Metal" and that's exactly what the band delivers time and again. There are no fancy gadgets here and no on stage gimmicks – just five men delivering a knock out set of tunes – exactly what you need to brighten up a dull and dreary Tuesday night in Glasgow.


Monument Set List:
Fatal Attack
Carry On
Midnight Queen
Red Dragon
Black Night
Rock The Night

Monument are:
Peter Ellis – Vocals
Lewis Stephens – Lead Guitar
Dan Baune – Lead Guitar
Daniel Bate – Bass guitar
Matt Cherry – Drums

beer beer beerbeerbeer


As Monument wrap up their set, I spotted Outloud finally making it to the venue and congregating at the back before hurriedly making their way backstage to unpack their gear. Bearing in mind the short time they'd been in the venue, it's a remarkably quick changeover and slightly later than billed, the band finally make it onstage.

They don't hang about though, as the fast paced 'Death Rock!' gets things off to a flying start with guitarist Bob Katsionis pacing up and down at his side of the stage whilst front man Chandler Mogel points and poses his way through the song before putting on a headbanging display.

As the song reaches its finale, the whole band greets the audience like it's their last number of their set instead of their first! The band dive straight into 'One More Time', which has Mogel atop the crowd barrier while bass player Chris DMP and guitarist, Jim Scordilis, putting on some Judas Priest style guitar swinging before Katsionis tries to get in on the act too.


'Isolation Game', taken from their second album, 2011s 'Love Catastrophe', is a full on Metal song that has band and audience headbanging during the intro as the guitar riff blasts out. DMP stands at an awkward angle as he tries his best to share a microphone with Katsionis during the chorus but doesn't quite manage it so he's content to continue singing without one before the headbanging starts in earnest one again as the pace begins to quicken for the guitar solo from Katsionis.

'A While To Go' which has is taken from their new album, 'Let's Get Serious', has Katsionis stepping up to centre stage as Mogel rushes offstage and into the crowd and to sort out an issue at the sound desk, managing to return to the stage just in time for the opening verse.


It's another high octane number with Katsionis holding his guitar vertically to the delight of the crowd in front of him whilst still managing to contribute backing vocals before he unleashes what has to be his best solo of the night. It may be a new song to some of the audience, but judging by the reaction at the end, it looks like a sure fire hit for the band.

The band carry on with a cover of the OMD classic 'Enola Gay', which may sound a bit of a weird choice but with the eighties keyboard sounds substituted for heavy guitar and thundering drums, I have to say that the song has never sounded better. Scordilis jumps up and down looking like he's having as much fun as the audience as the song finishes to wild applause.


Not to be robbed of a duet between Mogel and Monument's Peter Ellis, the latter is invited on stage once again for the second Deep Purple cover of the night – fitting, bearing in mind that it was ex-Purple legend Ritchie Blackmore's 70th birthday – with Outloud treating us to their version of 'Perfect Strangers'.

It's another eighties keyboard led track, and like the previous number, it just lends itself to some heavy guitar where the keyboards once were, whilst drummer Thanos Pappas attempts to dismantle his drum kit as he his hits it with such force. Ellis and Mogel are certainly a vocal match for each other and is fun to watch them spar over the lines of a song that's obviously dear to their hearts.

Bringing their set, and the night, to a close, we're treated to 'We Run', and it's clear the band have added a number of new members to an already loyal following in Glasgow. The band's enthusiasm really is infectious and I look forward to seeing a full headlining set from the band - hopefully sooner rather than later. Right now, I'm off to get a copy of their new album!


OutloudSet List:
Death Rock!
One More Time
Isolation Game
I Was So Blind
A While To Go
Enola Gay
Perfect Strangers
We Run

Outloud are:
Chandler Mogel – Vocals
Bob Katsionis – Guitar
Jim Scordilis – Guitar
Chris DMP – Bass Guitar
Thanos Pappas – Drums

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