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'No Gods, No Masters, Vol II'
Out Now

Johnny Main

johnny main


Belfast based Sinocence have been around since 2001 and have consistently produced good quality music both on stage and through their recorded output. This five track mini-album/EP is the follow up to 2013s 'No Gods, No Masters, Vol I' and shows that the quartet have lost none of their spark in the intervening period.

There's a strong bass intro from bass player, Jim Seymour as 'Ascension Code' bursts into life. It's actually a long instrumental into that lasts almost a minute before the vocals from front man, Gareth Morrow finally kick in. Morrow has a good clear voice and handles the vocal lines perfectly and there's just a hint of backing vocals giving some sections a bit more body. The anger in Morrow's voice is evident but this doesn't necessarily add up to an aggressive track overall, though.

'In Kymatica' features another great performance from Morrow during the stop-start intro before the guitar riff and drums blast out of the speakers. Drummer Davy Cassa does well to keep the uncomplicated but solid beat throughout this fast tempo track which has become a favourite of mine already and has all the hallmarks of a classic - the metronomic drumming, the solid guitar riff and the Morrow giving his performance absolutely everything he's got. What else is there to say about this track, except that more than any other here, it deserves a place in the bands live set!

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The pace doesn't slow down much for 'Slavery By Consent' either, with another top notch guitar riff. Some backing vocals give the chorus a bit of extra punch but again, the band certainly know their way round a good tune. The slower mid-section gives everyone breathing space before the drums and vocals pile back in before a great guitar solo from Anthony McCaughley as the song reaches its finale.

'Valorous' breaks out with a much slower and softer intro that gives an Irish flavour reflecting the bands background. Cassa and McCaughley take a back seat here to Morrow's soulful performance. The song shows that the band can do subtlety, and they do it very well as the relaxed track flows gently along with Cassa punctuating the lyrics before a guitar riff cuts in to bring a heavier sound in. It is, by far, the slowest track here but it's not clear cut enough to be labelled as a ballad but the track still manages to retain the heavier elements of the bands sound. The track is surely the showcase moment for Morrow as he shows his passion and commitment to the song as he holds the longer notes without wavering at all – very impressive.


The final number is 'Covert Messiah' which, it turns out, is the longest track included and is a great way to finish. The guitar chords and crashing cymbals open the song before the main guitar riff and vocals join in as the tempo quickens. Again, the backing vocals add a bit extra to the chorus as they repeat the lead vocal lines and it's another fine performance from Morrow. McCaughley's guitar solo is long and intricate but it's well paced as it brings the song to the slower mid-section as the sound is pared right back to a simple drums, bass and vocals sound before it reverts to type once again as it reaches its conclusion.

All in all though, it's a polished piece of work that shows how far the band has come since their last release in 2013. As a stop-gap it serves the band a purpose, that they can tour with a brand new product to showcase but I'm hoping the band don't lose their momentum from this and it spurs them on to concentrate on their next full length album.

You can see Sinocence live here:
Saturday 2nd May – The Diamond Bar, Ballymena

'No Gods, No Masters, Vol II' Tracklist:
Ascension Code
In Kymatica
Slavery By Consent
Covert Messiah

Sinocence are:
Gareth Morrow – Lead Vocals/Guitars
Anthony McCaughley – Guitars
Jim Seymour – Bass
Davy Cassa – Drums

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