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'Letting Go Of Certainties'
(Vic Records)
Release date: Monday 4th May 2015

Johnny Main

johnny main


Describing their sound as Metal, hard rock and stoner rock, Dutch based quartet Emerged have come quite a way since their inception in 2009. This five track EP is their first proper release and I have to say that it's the most unusual disc that I've reviewed so far this year.

Don't get me wrong, the band doesn't play any weird instruments and they don't have some peculiar sound – it's just that the band is an instrumental ensemble. It was only last year that I was bemoaning the fact that bands don't seem to put instrumental tracks on albums anymore and here is a whole EP of instrumentals – five tracks with around half an hour of playing time, so let's not waste any time and dive straight in!

'Dark Corner Of My Mind' has a slow and measured start as the lead guitar of Tom Palms takes centre stage. It doesn't take him long to show his skills as he navigates up and down the fretboard as drummer, Robin van Dijk, holds a rock steady beat at the back. The song tails off slightly during the middle section as the rhythm guitar track steps up before the main guitar solo is unleashed. It's not long before the rhythm guitar returns to the front before the listener is afforded a second guitar solo which is good if not better than the preceding one before the songs climactic finish.

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The second number. ironically titled 'Don't Speak', has van Dijk, leading the way with some military style drumming making good use of his cymbals on the off beats. In the mid-section there's a short guitar solo from Palms which threatens to steal the glory but it doesn't quite manage as van Dijk manages to pull the attention back towards him. It's a great piece of duelling between the two musicians, though.

The guitar intro to 'Get A Life' is reminiscent of 'Spirit Of Radio' by Rush before it takes off into the main riff with a squeal from lead guitar for effect. The track is a much slower tempo number than some here with Palms working closely with rhythm guitarist (and band founder), Bastiaan Boekesteijn. The twin guitars work really well together here, as the song reaches a crescendo towards the end of the number.


Self-titled track, 'Emerged', is a good mid-paced number with the twin guitars punctuating the drum beats before the guitar solo from Palms which almost glides along before the original punctuated guitar rhythm returns. Certainly a highlight out of all the tracks for me, and one the tracks that have made it onto my May 2015 playlist, so I'll be listening to it a lot more over the next couple of weeks.

The band end their EP with 'Who Am I To Judge', which is the most upbeat number presented here, with its sweeping guitar chords whilst van Dijk thrashes out a solid beat at the back. Bass player Buks Kemp also gets his moment in the spotlight here, with his contributions especially clear during the middle section before the twin guitars of Palms and Boekesteijn join back in. As the song reaches its inevitable climax, the sound is pared right back to simple guitar with Kemp's bass guitar coming to the fore once.

The band are proud of the fact that no two songs here sound alike, which is no easy feat in itself but they have managed to do what they set out to. This is varied enough to attract the attention of a wide variety of rock and Metal fans and as long as the band don't spread themselves too thinly in the quest for mass appeal, it looks like they could have a long career ahead of them.

Will the band eventually include a vocalist in their midst? Well, only time will tell, but I hope for the bands sake they don't add one because instrumental bands are few and far between these days.

You can hear the track 'Dark Corner Of My Mind' here:

'Letting Go Of Certainties' Tracklist:
Dark Corner Of My Mind
Don't Speak
Get A Life
Who Am I To Judge

Emerged are:
Tom Palms – Lead Guitar
Bastiaan Boekesteijn – Rhythm Guitar
Buks Kemp – Bass Guitar
Robin van Dijk – Drums

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