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'Scenester' (Single)
(Roseblood Records)
Out Now

Johnny Main

johnny main

star scream

Title track 'Scenester' has a great guitar riff at the top of the song as drummer Sky London sets out a furious pace. Front man Dam Lightspeed has a weird effect on his voice which gives him a deliciously creepy tinge to the lyrics, which suits the look of the band perfectly.

The middle section is sure to get the crowd involved at a gig as the track builds and builds and the band get in the ubiquitous shout of "Hey Hey Hey". There's not much in the way of a guitar solo here but there is a keyboard solo towards the end which is delightful and, let's be honest, a nice change from the norm.

'Break The Night' in comparison, is a much slower tempo number with keyboards, courtesy of Lightspeed, very much leading the way. London again holds down a solid and uncomplicated beat whilst Lightspeed shows a different side to his vocals as he whispers the first verse before his vocal sound hardens as he reaches the first chorus. There's a proper guitar solo quite late in the number, which is well executed and slips off just as the track begins it's slow fade out.

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The final track is, as you've probably guessed, a simplified version of the title track. Comparing one against the toher, they really are totally different. The anger and angst from the electric version is gone with Lightspeed accompanied by a simple piano and light guitar.

What the stripped down version shows is clear – it's a great song and it's a fantastic performance from Lightspeed. It might be a bit bold to say it, but if I'm being totally honest, then I'd have to say that I actually prefer the simplicity of this version to the electric version.

You can hear the electric version of 'Scenester' album here:

You can see Star Scream live here:
Saturday 2nd May – The Carlisle, Hastings
Saturday 16th May – Electrowerks, London
Saturday 30th May – Camden Rocks Festival, London

'Scenester' Single Tracklist:
Break The Night
Scenester (Stripped)

Star Scream are:
Dam Lightspeed – Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards
Natalie Cherry – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals
Sky London – Drums/Percussion

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