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'Just The Tip' EP
(Grweat Records)
Release Date: Monday 11th May 2015

Johnny Main

johnny main

lounge kittens

You may have heard of Southampton based trio The Lounge Kittens after they appeared at prestigious UK festivals like Glastonbury and Sonisphere or perhaps more recently, you may have seen them live after they were invited to open for Los Angeles Glam Metal super group Steel Panther on their UK tour earlier this year.

For those who are unaware of who they are, The Kittens have a simplistic approach to music as they take popular songs, of any genre, strip away the instruments and replace them with a three part harmony vocals.

With the band already garnering accolades from across the music world, the 'Just The Tip' EP is their first proper release, and comprises of six cover songs that all showcase the bands unique set up. Kicking off with 'Party Hard' originally sung by Andrew WK, this version is pretty close to the tempo of the original song but instead of the main guitar riff, the piano track is augmented by their vocals singing a simple "na na na" refrain before the main vocals begin. It's a pleasant listening experience which gives the listener a completely new view of the song.

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'Duality' by Slipknot is, lets be honest here, is one of the corners stones of the Slipknot live show, but if you strip away the heavy guitars and thundering drums, you see a song that really could change your perception of Slipknot. Once of their songs that isn't lyrically explicit again, the Lounge Kittens leave the tempo as is and the harmony vocals take away all the aggression and negativity and replaces them with a bouncy upbeat sounding song – if you don't examine the lyrical content too closely.

I'll admit that I'm never the biggest fan of Limp Bizkit and have a grudging respect for their song writing abilities, but again, The Lounge Kittens seem to have reinvented (possibly the bands most well known track), 'Rollin'. The lyrics, complete with expletives, remain intact, with Timia Gwendoline even taking on Bizkit main main Fred Dursts' spoken section in the middle section which really stands out without the added sampling and record scratching in the original giving this new version a much cleaner sound. The song sounds so fresh compared to the murky sound of the original version and the upbeat vocals just endear you to the song very quickly.

lounge kittens

Even the sugary coating of Aerosmith's 1998 anthem, 'I Don't Want To Miss A Thing', has been given The Kitten treatment, so instead of Steven Tylers warbling you have the lilting tones of Gwendoline accompanied by a simple piano track from Jenny Deacon who also completes the second verse on her own.

As the third verse comes along it's Zan Lawther's turn in the spotlight before all three voices seamlessly blend together for the rest of the song. In fact, as the song reaches the midway point, you almost forget what a turgid song the Aerosmith original actually was and how good a job The Kittens have done in re-recording something that truly has become a standout track for me on this EP.

With their tongue's firmly embedded in their cheeks, I'm hoping to the band have a bright future ahead of them – which I'm sure they do. However, with no live adtes currently planned, I hope they do go out on tour to promote this EP, but having said that, I'd be more than happy to shell out for a full length album from them should they decide to go back into the studio in the short-term.

You can see the official video for their cover of Limp Bizkit's 'Rollin' here:

'Just The Tip' Tracklist:
Party Hard
SeanAPaul Medley
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing

Lounge Kittens are:
Jenny Deacon – Vocals/Keyboards
Timia Gwendoline – Vocals
Zan Lawther – Vocals

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