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'The Fire Inside'
(Dr Music Records)
Out Now

Johnny Main

johnny main


Describing themselves as "Modern Rock", Woodbridge are a quartet from St Gallen (situated in the north eastern part of Switzerland) and have been around since around 2006.

During the last nine years, they have toured the UK, Austrailia and Belgium as well as appearing at numerous European festivals including performing on the main stage at the Szene Open Air Festival, Rock The Wolves in Wolfhalden and at Kellerfest in Thal near Graz.

'The Fire Inside' is the band's debut album and this ten track opus is certainly more rock than it is Metal but there are some very good tracks here. If you look at the first track, 'Born To Rumble', for example, with its fast guitar riff driving the song whilst drummer, Pascal Kern, keeps the rhythm steady at the back. The guitar solo is short but good and front man Dominik Naef's voice is well suited to the material making this a good start to the album.

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Likewise, 'Four Wheels', which is a gloriously heavy number and a favourite of mine from the very first listen. The guitars are kept in the back of the mix and it affords Naef one of his best performances.

The issue I have is that there just aren't enough of these type of songs here. I'm not sure if the band are trying to be Nickleback or Metallica either! The influence of both bands is clear on the album and I think this is at the expense of the material itself. If you listen to the track 'Lies', you have a nice mid-paced track once the guitar led intro is out of the way, with a steady guitar riff. Naef puts in a good performance but you get the feeling he's trying too much to sound like Metallica front man James Hetfield with his phrasing and vocal registration.

On 'Addicted' it's Kern who leads the way once again on this similar tempo-ed number with some guitar effects giving the riff a unique sound whilst Naef's vocals sounding deliciously evil at times. 'I Feel Free' has a similar pace once the song gets going. The addition of some acoustic guitars is a nice change, but the main acoustic guitar riff is still punctuated by a chunky electric guitar riff. It'd certainly be interesting to hear the song done all acoustically.


'Lost In Paradise' is an even slower number, that has the ring of a power ballad about it. Simple guitar and drums are the order of the day here, with Naef giving a heartfelt lyrical performance. 'Don't Hold Me Back' is another slow almost ballady number with the simple voice, drums and guitar leading the way. The addition of some female backing vocals is a nice way to compliment Naef's vocals and the track does start to pick up towards the end with a subtle guitar solo, and this track could be a door for the band to get some radio airplay.

All in all, it's a good album but I just feel that it's not the best the band have to offer by any stretch of the imagination. The band are young, of course, and it's always difficult when you release your debut album, I just think it's going to take them time to find their feet and their own sound.

You can see the official video for 'Lies' here:

You can see Woodbridge live here:
Saturday 9th May – Hexenhaus, Ulm
Saturday 16th May – Neugasshof Rock Bar, Zürich
Wednesday 20th May – Frackwoche, Winterthur
Friday 22nd May – The Bruch Brothers, Lucerne
Friday 5th June – Rock am Schilf, Ulm
Saturday 6th June – Krach am Bach, Tägerwilen
Saturday 13th June – Rock Arena, Schaffhausen
Saturday 4th July – Dark Fighters MC, Bischofszell
Saturday 11th July – Rock am Gleis, Buriet
Saturday 25th July – Pavillon am See, Rorschach
Friday 18th September – Winter Break, St. Margrethen

'The Fire Inside' Tracklist:
Born To Rumble
I Feel Free
Lost In Paradise
Life's Hot
Four Wheels
Don't Hold Me Back
Forever Loud
Next Drink

Woodbridge are:
Dominik Naef – Vocals/Guitar
Remo Cadalbert – Guitar
Roman Engler – Bass Guitar
Pascal Kern – Drums

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