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'Save Me' EP
Out Now

Johnny Main

johnny main

forever still

Hailing from Copenhagen, Forever Still combine the elements of melodic rock with some of the heavier strains of Metal and add in a touch of electronics to give a somewhat unique sound.

Formed back in 2010, the band's new three track EP, 'Save Me', is a great showcase for the band and ideal for anyone wanting a glimpse of what this talented band can produce.

Opening with 'Awake The Fire', the track has an upbeat keyboard courtesy of the multi-talented Mikkel Haastrup, who also plays drums and bass guitar as well as the keyboards, and guitar intro from guitarist Dennis Post, which remains very much in the background for the rest of the song. Haastrup's drums sets out a solid beat as the vocals from Maja Schønning come across loud and clear. Schønning stretches her voice during the choruses especially in the mid-section where she holds the notes for what seems like an extraordinary long time, but it's a good positive start to the disc.

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Next up is 'Breathe In' which is a much more straightforward rock track, and for me is the best on the three tracks here. The music takes a backseat so Schønning's voice is thrown to the front of the mix, and it just shows what an incredibly powerful voice she has. Straightforward it may be, but it isn't some soppy, overly sentimental ballad but a track that has real power and punch.

'Save Me' is another knockout track with Schønning lamenting on a memory but again this isn't a ballad but a proper rock track. Haastrup's drums makes good use of his drum kit whilst the simple guitar from Post underpins the whole song. All in all, what you have here is three great songs and I am certainly looking forward to hearing more from Forever Still in the near future.

'Save Me' EP Tracklist:
Awake The Fire
Breathe In
Save Me

Forever Still are:
Maja Schønning – Vocals
Dennis Post – Guitar
Mikkel Haastrup – Bass Guitar/Guitar/Keyboards/Drums

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