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'Pillars Of Creation'
(Metalbox Recordings)
Release Date: Monday 22nd June 2015

Johnny Main

johnny main


Formed in Portsmouth around 2008, Dendera are a band who are taking the Metal scene by storm since the release of their debut album, 'The Killing Floor' back in 2013. Since then the band have been hard at work and all that seems to have paid off with their new release, 'Pillars Of Creation', which is a classic slice of 21st Century British Heavy Metal.

If you're a fan of classic Metal, then there's a lot to like in the eight tracks featured here. 'Claim Your Throne' kicks things off with an epic sounding intro and you're pretty much sixty seconds in before the main guitar riff blasts out of the speakers, and this is followed by another sixty plus seconds until front man, Ashley Edison finally gets his chance to sing. Having said that, not a second of time is wasted here.

Edison has a great voice while the musicianship from the rest of the band really is excellent. Guitarists Stephen Main and Tony Fuller split the solo between them giving it that classic feel, and the track absolutely doesn't feel like nearly six minutes long by the time you get to the finale. Could this be used as the band's show opener perhaps? I would say so, and personally, I couldn't think of a better way for them to start their live show.

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Likewise, 'Disillusioned' starts off slow and heavy but the pace quickens as the thundering drums from Andy Finch really kick in and, again, you're pretty much sixty seconds in before the Edison utters the first lyrics. He gives a passionate performance here on a song that really stretches his vocals skills as he holds onto the longer notes without wavering at all. The final instrumental section is something of a dash to the finish with Main and Fuller leading the way with some great guitar soloing before the vocals cut in for one final chorus before the song reaches its conclusion.

'Bloodlust' is unique for the fact there doesn't seem to be an intro at all, so the track seemingly goes from nothing to a hundred miles an hour in the blink of an eye. Edison sounds quite menacing here, as he spits out the vocals which feel like they're tinged with venom, whilst the relentless drum beat from Finch drives the song onwards. The guitar riff is kept very much in the background throughout, but it still acts as a solid base for the rest of the song.

With 'In High Tide', the guitar riff is the star of the song as it takes centre stage. Edison really tests his vocal abilities here too as he stretches his voice once again, especially during the choruses. It's a frantic number with the verses getting a bit more depth thanks to the addition of some backing vocals. There's a guitar solo each from Main and Fuller towards the end which both technical and well executed.


Another fast number is 'The Daylight Ending' which has another long instrumental intro before is settles down into a galloping rhythm. Finch's drumming here is relentless as is the slightly whiney guitar riff but it's still a classic "fist in the air" Metal anthem to get the crowd going at a live show.

Both 'Unholy' and 'Edge Of Tomorrow' shows Finch's skill behind the drum kit once again, with the drums really becoming the back bone of the track on the former whilst the latter has him throwing out a solid beat which backs up the stop-start intro of the song before it reverts to a good mid-paced number.

Dendera know how to write solid tunes and their musicianship is without question, so you just expect them to produce high quality material and that's exactly what this album is. With the band supporting Canadian Metallers Anvil around the UK in July and already booked for an appearance at the Hard Rock Hell Festival in November, 2015 could be their year – so look out for them, because this band really do have what it takes to be the very best in British Metal.

You can see Dendera live here:
Thursday 18th June – The Garage, London
Sunday 12th July – O2 Islington Academy, London (Supporting Anvil)
Monday 13th July – O2 Academy, Birmingham (Supporting Anvil)
Tuesday 14th July – O2 Academy, Sheffield (Supporting Anvil)
Wednesday 15th July – O2 ABC2, Glasgow (Supporting Anvil)
Wednesday 5th August – The Marble Factory, Bristol
Friday 7th August – Concorde 2 Brighton
Thursday 10th September – Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth
Saturday 3rd October – Green Door Store, Brighton
Saturday 14th November – Hard Rock Hell, Gwynedd

'Pillars of Creation' Tracklist:
Claim Our Throne
In High Tide
The Daylight Ending
The Chosen One
Edge Of Tomorrow

Dendera are:
Ashley Edison – Vocals
Stephen Main – Guitars
Tony Fuller – Guitars
Bradley Edison – Bass Guitar
Andy Finch – Drums

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