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Detroit has a rich musical legacy from Alice Cooper and Electric Six to Red Hot Chilli Peppers drummer Chad Smith, eccentric musician Ted Nugent and bonafide rock legend, Iggy Pop.

The city today has a burgeoning live scene and Crashdollz are doing their best to bring their punk attitude, Heavy Metal power, virtuoso musicianship and sexy/trashy/gutter punk image into a whole new music revolution that could only have come out of Detroit.

Their debut self-titled album is some twelve tracks long (including two radio edits tagged on the end giving maximum value for money), and it manages showcase the different sides to the band and the how their musical influences have shaped the bands sound.

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The punk influences of the band are obvious on 'Dumpster Punk'. Not only is the title your first clue, but once you get into it, it's a very noisy tune with drummer Mikk Manikk's sound unfortunately not very punchy at all. Still, he shows good ability with the relentless beat and use of his cymbals.

Vocalist Nikki Darling gives a fittingly punky performance, which leads you to think you know where the album is going, and you're not disappointed at the result. 'US Punk Bomb' is a similar sounding number with its long intro that's picked up by Manikk before the guitar and vocals eventually kick in. A fast paced song, it features some synthesised vocals with the short lyrics delivered well by Darling with the overall guitar sound from Rachel Rekkit driving the song.

In comparison, '27 Tulip Pass' is a much more solid track with Manikk really laying down a great intro before the main vocals from Darling begin with a simple but effective count in. The difference to the punky sounding tracks is tangible – sure, this song still retains a fairly frenetic pace, but the drum sound is completely different - much more solid sounding, whilst Darling gives a much more self assured performance. Rekkit plays a great guitar solo which could be more to the fore of the overall mix but that's a minor criticism from me.


Likewise, 'Bad Taste Barbie' has Rekkit leading the way again with some inventive tremolo work and there's nothing slowing the band down here. Some harmony vocals give the song extra depth whilst Rekkit's guitar punctuates in between the verses. The catchy chorus leads onto one of Rekkit's best solos which shows what a prodigious talent she is. All in all, though, this track was firm favourite of mine from an early listen, and only gets better after repeated listens.

'Novocaine' has Rekkit sliding down the fretboard in another fast paced number. "Gimme some medicine, I need something to numb me" references the title of the song (a drug given to people to stop them feeling pain). Darling is at her most ferocious here as the opening lines of "Fucked! Like a muthafuckin jackhammer!" ring out, tinged with a bit of venom, so you wonder how much of this song is down to personal experience or whether she's just playing a part. If it's the latter, she's playing it really well!

The slower mid section sounds a little disjointed but then this could be just for effectual purposes of the song, before the pace ramps back up once again. 'Sugar Rocket', on the other hand, has an almost thrash Metal feel to it. Manikk's drum beat is relentless as is the performance from Darling, and you can just imagine how much fun this song can be live and could be a great end to the bands live set.

It's not all fast songs and rock n' roll/punk attitudes as they demonstrate with 'Dollhouse' which is a much slower and moodier paced number. The songs intro is filled with atmosphere with the guitar and simple almost spoken rather than sung lyrics giving it a haunting quality. It's a showcase for Darling, though, who shows what she can really do vocally. Manikk plays a simple but effective beat and the song does have an overall creepy feeling about it.

Certainly, it's a good solid debut from the band and with work starting on their follow up album, their future looks very bright indeed.

'Crashdollz' Tracklist:
Dumpster Punk
27 Tulip Pass
Bad Taste Barbie
U.S. Punk Bombs
Female Anarchy
Sugar Rocket
I Will Not Be Ignored
Wrecking Ball
Female Anarchy (Radio Edit)
Sugar Rocket (Radio Edit)

Crashdollz are:
Nikki Darling – Vocals
Rachel Rekkit – Guitar
Kevin Krank – Bass Guitar
Mikk Manikk – Drums

Promo Photo - (c) Crashdollz 2015

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