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'Welcome To Yeehaw Country'
(Rusty Knuckles)
Out Now

Johnny Main

johnny main


WhiskeyDick are a duo from Fort Worth, Texas who have a relaxed approach to their live performances. Sitting down and picking up acoustic as opposed to electric guitars, they've been enchanting audiences throughout the US and Europe with their unique brand of "Country Metal", as they call it.

I first discovered these self styled "Bastard Sons of Texas" earlier in the year with the release of their single, 'Drunk As Hell', and a little investigation led me to this – their Greatest Hits (so far) album.

Until recently, I was unaware of the duos impressive back catalogue – which encompasses some six studio albums and a live release ranging from their 2006 debut, 'Rebel Flags And Whiskey', right up to their latest full length album, 'From The Devils Boots', which was released back in 2014.

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What the band offer is a unique mix of Country and Metal straight from Fort Worth carrying with them the Texas traditions of super-powered guitar slinging and clever song writing. As the band say themselves, they're "(just) a train robbin', gun totin', dope smokin', guitar pickin' muthafuckin' good time band. Taking hillbilly music and spreading it across the land."

The premise of the band is really simple but effective – two acoustic guitars, vocals and the occasional blast of harmonica and electric guitar to bolster their sound – now what's not to like about that? Their lyrical content is sometimes funny and occasional serious, but overall, this isn't a band you can't take too seriously.

'Redemption', from the 'Drunk As Hell' album is the first track up and has front man Fritz showing his harmonica playing skills during the fast paced number and when he finally gets to sing, it's his Southern drawl that hits the spot on some of the longer notes. Add in ubiquitous mentions of "The Lord", "Hell" and the "Devil Train", it doesn't take too much to work out what this song's about!


For me, amongst the best here is 'Train Robbin, Gun Totin, Dope Smokin, Guitar Pickin, Mother Fuckin, Good Time Band', which is also taken from the 'Drunk As Hell' album. Yes, it quite possibly the longest and most ridiculous title ever for a song, but it makes you laugh before you've even heard a note. When you do finally get on with listening to it, a jokey intro eases you gently into a mid-tempo number about drinking and smoking ("the weed").

With the promise that they'll "take shit from nobody, ain't no-one to run us down, we don't care who hates us, we're still gonna paint your town" it's fair to say that the band have their tongues firmly planted in their cheeks, but if they ever return to the UK, I'd quite happily meet up with them to paint the town (presumably) red. That, I suspect, would be a wild night!

'BlackTooth Grin' is something quite different but has a simple enough premise to the song of which tries (and succeeds) to get as many references to Texan quartet Pantera in as possible during its three and a half minutes duration. It's a clever piece of writing that both bands should be proud of, and it's a fitting tribute to the lasting legacy of Pantera. Oh, and by the way, I counted 15 references to them!

A clutch of songs taken from the more recent 'From The Devil's Boots' album includes the track 'YeeHaw' which sees Fritz' voice lowering it's register in this slower paced number. Whispering of the chorus differentiates the song from some of the others, but it's still an enjoyable listen. The only downside is the abrupt end to it. I'm not sure if this is a bad edit or the way it's supposed to end but it just doesn't sit well with me.

From the same album you also have '18 Wheels Of Hell' which is another slow paced number where the band have their sense of humour locked in once again. There's some great guitar riffing here, and you can't help but wonder how this would sound on an electric guitar plugged into a wall of Marshall amplifiers.

All in all, it's a good summation of the bands career so far and if they continue the way they have been for the last decade, then there's no reason that they shouldn't be releasing a second greatest hits compilation is a decade or so from now.

You can see WhiskeyDick live here:
Saturday 27th June – Hard Luck Lounge, Austin
Saturday 11th July – Bronco's Sports Bar, Hurst
Friday 17th July – Downtown Lounge, Tulsa
Saturday 18th July – Lizards Lounge, Wichita
Monday 20th July – The Glass Bar, Grand Island
Tuesday 21st July – Sports Nightclub, Mc Cook
Wednesday 22nd July – Derby Grill, Berthoud
Thursday 23rd July – Flux Capacitor, Colorado Springs
Friday 24th July – Private Party Greg King's, Casper
Saturday 25th July – Machinery Row, Great Falls
Sunday 26th July – Hi-way Tattoos, Havre
Monday 27th July – The Mule Skinner, Billings
Wednesday 29th July – Ole Beck VFW Post 209, Missoula
Thursday 30th July – The Lunchbox Pizzaria, Richland
Friday 31st July – Deep Blues Festival, Littlerock
Saturday 1st August – Bucknum's, Heppner
Sunday 2nd August – The Hoffers, Idaho Falls
Tuesday 4th August – Zoo Bar, Lincoln
Wednesday 5th August – Hull Avenue Tavern, Des Moines
Thursday 6th August – Lee's Liqour Lounge Minneapolis
Friday 7th August – Farmageddon Festival 2015, Sprague
Saturday 8th August – Farmageddon Festival 2015, Sprague
Monday 10th August – Lucky's, Chicago Ridge
Tuesday 11th August – Frank's Power Plant, Milwaukee
Wednesday 12th August – PhatHeadz, Green Bay
Thursday 13th August – Brickhause Stevens Point
Friday 14th August – Beamman Fest 2015, Dixon
Saturday 15th August – Beamman Fest 2015, Dixon
Sunday 16th August – Beamman Fest 2015, Dixon
Tuesday 18th August – The Looney Bin, Bradley
Saturday 22nd August – Hurricane Jack's Bar, Levittown
Thursday 29th October – The Pizza Stone, Chester
Saturday 7th November – Uncle Buck's All American Pub & Grub, Salisbury
Sunday 8th November – Jay's At The Lake, Cornelius

'Welcome To Yeehaw Country' Tracklist:
Train Robbin, Gun Totin, Dope Smokin, Guitar Pickin, Mother Fuckin, Good Time Band
Breathin A New Life
18 Wheels Of Life
My Prison State Of Mind
Drunk As Hell
Devil's Eyes
Gun Totin' Rebel Son
Murder Love Song
BlackTooth Grin
Fallen Heroes Remastered

WhiskeyDick are:
Fritz – Guitar/Vocals
Reverend Johnson – Guitar

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