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'Winter Eternal' EP
Out Now

Johnny Main

johnny main

exile the traitor

The 'Winter Eternal' EP may be less than twenty minutes in length but this four track offering is a sublime collection of death Metal songs that doesn't let up at any point showing that extreme Metal scene is alive and well in Scotland.

Hailing from Glasgow, the six piece band have been around since 2011 and this new EP is the follow up to 2013s 'Necrology' EP and shows that the band are moving forwards with their sound and vision. The addition of vocalist Wull Hay to the mix joining the existing vocals of Anton Franzen gives them much more scope from an audio standpoint.

'Laments Of A Flesh Peddler' opens the EP up and its low pitched, aggressive vocals whilst drummer Kerr Gray thrashes out the relentless beat. As the higher pitched vocals enter the mix, the song instantly has a less blackened feel about it while the guitar riff dips in and out of the mix giving the song a unique sound.

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'Puppetry Of The Interred' has Grey once again punching out a phenomenal beat on the drums whilst the guitar riff is much more to the front of the mix with the occasional stab punctuating the lyrics. 'The Midnight Cavalcade' is certainly the fastest paced number here, and has another catchy yet incredibly heavy guitar riff which is left open during the extended instrumental mid-section before the vocals from Franzen and Hay come back in. The question is, will the band be able to play this at the same frantic pace and heaviness live? I look forward to seeing if they can.

The final number is well suited as the title track. Again the alternating vocals from Franzen and Hay work to the songs advantage whilst Grey once again sets out a ferocious beat once the slower paced intro has been negotiated. The guitar riff is equally relentless but never showy and maintains its position at the front of the mix unlike some bands who tend to bury it towards the back of the mix.

exile the traitor

All in all it's another good solid effort from the band and I'm only hoping that a full album is on the horizon. For the moment, though, I'm just waiting for their next live date after their planned appearance at Wildfire festival was cancelled.

'Winter Eternal' EP Tracklist:
Laments Of A Flesh Peddler
Puppetry Of The Interred
The Midnight Cavalcade
Winter Eternal

Exile The Traitor are:
Anton Franzen – Vocals
Wull Hay – Vocals
Ian McGuinness – Guitars
Kenneth Middleton – Guitars
Will Keogh – Bass Guitar
Kerr Grey – Drums

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