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Finnish power Metal supergroup Cain's Offering were formed in 2008 by former Sonata Arctica guitarist Jani Liimatainen with their debut album, 'Gather The Faithful' being released in 2009. The band have recently released the follow up album, titled 'Stormcrow', which has hit the shelves to acclaim from fans and critics alike.

The band have under gone a couple of line up changes since they were founded, but with the current line up of vocalist Timo Kotipelto and Keyboard player Jens Johansson both from Stratovarius along with Wintersun bass player Jonas Kuhlberg and powerhouse drummer Jani Hurula joining the line up, the band's second album was always going to be a highly anticipated release.

If you're a fan of power Metal then this is really a band that you should be checking out because let's face it, with the members having solid track records in other power Metal bands, how could this line up of musicians possibly create anything other than one of the best power Metal albums of 2015?

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Title track 'Stormcrow' gets things going with a predictable wall of sound that you'd expect from any power Metal band worth their salt. The fast paced number is the ideal way to start as Hurula punches out the beat whilst the keyboards courtesy of Johansson swathe everything in a luxuriously warm atmosphere. The keyboards dominate the beginning of 'The Best Of Times' too, before the sound is pared right back for the verses before the guitars and keyboards return in full flow for the verses in a similarly fast number.

With 'A Night To Forget' frontman Kotipelto is gifted a great performance as his voice is left to dominate the song. His annunciation is superb and during the verses the instrumentation sits at the back of the mix, giving his vocals a bit more scope. Sure, the keyboards tend to dominate the chorus but it's still a great song and performance overall.

'Antemortem' has Hurula punching out the drum beat whilst Johansson's keyboards punctuate the intro. It's a faster paced number with the keyboards taking a back seat during the verses and it's got a glorious sing-along chorus that sticks in your head after relatively few listens.

cains offering

'I Am Legion' is a track where penny whistles and strings are the name of the game in a much slower paced number. The piano is placed at the forefront of the mix giving it an almost classical feel to it before the Hurula's drums join the party. The track is a full-on instrumental piece which doesn't seem out of place here such is the musicianship of the band. The guitars finally make it through the mix towards the middle but they're not really needed as the song is fine without them.

If you're looking for a big radio friendly ballad then 'Too Tired To Run' is the one for you. It's got everything from orchestral sweeps, piano, a sympathetic vocal performance from Kotipelto and not forgetting choral chants and chiming bells. The piano and vocals give way to sensitive drums before the guitars blast out as the song heads towards its crescendo. This is a true lighters in the air song (or should that be mobile phones in the air these days!) during a gig, and you can almost imagine the promo video for this track, with the band surrounded by a million candles as the camera slowly sweeps around them. Epic, that's what this track is – a real icing on the cake epic.

You can hear the track 'The Best Of Times' here:

'Stormcrow' Tracklist:
The Best Of Times
A Night To Forget
I Will Build You A Rome
Too Tired To Run
Constellation Of Tears
My Heart Beats For No One
I Am Legion
Rising Sun
On The Shore

Cain's Offering are:
Timo Kotipelto – Vocals
Jani Liimatainen – Guitar/Backing Vocals
Jonas Kuhlberg – Bass Guitar
Jens Johansson – Keyboards
Jani Hurula – Drums

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