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'For Humanity'
(Scarlet Records)
Out Now

Johnny Main

johnny main

game over

Originally released back in January 2102, 'For Humanity' was the Italian based thrashers first full length album and now that they've linked up with Scarlet Records, it's a good time for the opus to see a re-release and for those who already have the original album there are a couple of extras thrown in for good measure in the form of live tracks (from the current line up) tagged onto the end.

In case you've not heard of Game Over before, the quartet were formed around 2009 in Ferrera, Italy and released a couple of EPs before their debut full length album, 'For Humanity', was released on the independent My Graveyard label. The original release of the album, which was a critical success, has tracks inspired by the classic Bay Area thrash Metal scene (from Death Angel, Heathen and Exodus) and has mixed those influences with modern sounds and a very distinctive personality.

Such was the success of their debut album, that when the band inked a deal with Scarlet Records in 2014 under which the band released their second full length album, 'Burst Into The Quiet', the label decided to get the bands long out of print debut back into the pubic domain – and here it is in all its glory.

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Simply put, the album is ten original tracks of full on Thrash Metal tunes coming in at around thirty five minutes in length. There are no stop gaps and no mushy ballads getting in the way here – just track after track of power and precision delivered at breakneck speed. As much as I hate the phrase "all killer, no filler", it really does sum up this album to a tee.

'Mountains Of Madness' ids an outstanding number for me, with its razor sharp guitar riff that leads the unrelenting drum beat courtesy of sticksman Anthony Dantone. Frontman Renato Chiccoli spits out the lyrics with venom whilst the verses are punctuated with some wild guitar noise before the short but excellent guitar solo. 'Bleeding Green' has Chiccoli taking the lead with his bass guitar during the slower paced intro before the much faster guitar riff piles in. The intro's almost a minute long and is worth the wait as the sparse vocals finally kick in.

'Overgrill (El Grillador Loco)' may be the longest song here, at just over four and a half minutes, but Dantone pounds out the solid drum beat before the guitar track swoops into the mix. With some barbeque and beer references this may just a song about partying but doesn't lack any power despite the rather jokey lyrics. Likewise, the track 'N.S.A.' (or 'Nuclear Shark Attack' – yes, really!), is just the work of genius. Being a mere twenty four seconds long, the lyrics are just two lines ("What do you want to see?, Nuclear monsters!") repeated four times. It's totally different from anything else on the album, and despite the short length it's still a great number and shows the band have their tongues firmly inserted in their cheeks.

game over

As mentioned already, this re-release adds three live tracks taking the running time to a little over forty five minutes. First up is a more than competent live cover of the Motorhead classic 'Iron Fist' which sees the band firing on all cylinders. 'N.S.A.' is also here in all its thirty second glory with 'Nuke 'Em High' from the bands second album tagged onto the end making them a formidable duo overall. The final live track is a live rendition of 'Another Dose of Thrash' which doesn't lose anything from its studio counterpart. The original version may be fast but the live version seems to be faster as the band pile through it.

You can see why this album has been re-released as it's a "must have" for the collection of every thrash fan. As for the bands most recent album, that's currently topping my "To Buy" list, so let's hope the band have lost none of their power or passion.

You can hear the track 'Mountains Of Madness' here:

'For Humanity' Tracklist:
Abyss of a Needle
Dawn of the Dead
Mountains of Madness
War of Nations
Overgrill (El Grillador Loco)
Bleeding Green
Another Dose of Thrash
Evil Clutch
Tupa Tupa or Die
Iron Fist (Live)
N.S.A./Nuke'em High (Live)
Another Dose of Thrash (Live)

Current Game Over Line Up:
Renato Chiccoli – Vocals/Bass
Alessandro Sansone – Guitars
Luca Zironi – Guitars/Backing Vocals
Anthony Dantone – Drums

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