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'Devil Inside' EP
Release Date: Monday 21st September 2015

Johnny Main

johnny main

empire of fools

Empire Of Fools hail from the south west of England and describe themselves as "Alternative Rock" but to be fair to them, I don't actually think they're selling themselves with that description. This trio have so much to offer without pigeon-holing them into specific genres, and this six track EP goes a long way to showing just how talented they are and how wide their musical roots spread.

Current single 'Higher' is the best place to start. It's a pure rocker from start to finish - I think you'll find none of this "alternative" nonsense here, just straight ahead rock n' roll!

Guitarist Steve Cobbin sets the pace with his solid guitar riff before drummer Dean Stevens joins in with his cymbal heavy drum pattern. It's a good paced number with vocals from bass player and front man Mark Pascall sounding almost bluesy at times. The catchy chorus backed with Cobbin's guitar riff really is great and comes to a head with a rolling drum beat from Stevens before the long instrumental section which shows this band's musical skill.

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'Devil Inside' has a much simpler intro from Cobbin before the drums and bass burst onto the scene. A good mid paced number it's really Cobbins sound that drives the song here. His guitar solo may be pushed back in the mix but it's still audible makes you wonder what else he has in the reserves.

Pascall too, gives what I consider to be one of his best performances here as he lets his voice linger just long enough on some of the notes and he does so without his voice wavering, showing what a powerful voice he has. Let's not forget the easy to remember chorus either, which will have you singing along after relatively few listens and as the number finally fades out, it all seems much too soon for the song to end.

empire of fools

'Dirty Mind' is an altogether slower and simpler song. It's Pascall's voice that dominates here as he gives a passionate performance and as the music reaches a climax at the end of the chorus it quickly retreats giving the vocals centre stage once again. Of course, Cobbin isn't going to let that happen and his guitar solo in the latter stages tries it's best to usurp the vocals but it never quite manages the task.

'Hope' too, is very much along similar lines with the drums from Stevens laying down a solid base for the voice and guitar to rest on. It picks up the pace yes, but like the song before, it's a much more restrained performance from the band as a whole.

Like I said earlier, the band describe themselves as "alternative" which doesn't adequately describe what they do. To me, they're a solid rock band and there's nothing wrong with that of course. Afterall, a solid band is the foundations for great things, of course, and as the band are just starting out on their musical journey together, I look forward to seeing where the road ahead takes them.

You can see the official video for 'Higher' here:

You can see Empire of Fools live here:
Sunday 18th October - Yarmageddon (Classic Rock Tours), Great Yarmouth

'Devil Inside' Tracklist:
Down To Earth
Devil Inside
Dirty Mind

Empire of Fools are:
Mark Pascall – Vocals/Bass Guitar
Steve Cobbin – Guitars
Dean Stevens – Drums

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