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'Four By Four'
(Red UK)
Out Now

Johnny Main:
johnny main

backyard babies

Swedish quartet Backyard Babies were formed in 1987 and have released six studio albums over the years, one of which (their 2001 album ‘Making Enemies Is Good’) even managed to win them a Swedish Grammy.

The band have been largely attributed with popularizing sleaze rock in Scandinavia and Sweden, but their styles also incorporate elements of Punk, Hard Rock and Glam, so their sound alternates between heavy, fast and punky, ensuring no two songs are really alike.

Their new album, ‘Four By Four’ contains nine tracks and has a running time of around 35 minutes, and it’s jammed full of the very best songs the band can muster, so if you’re unfamiliar with the band and their output, then this album is well worth a listen.

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Most of the album is taken up by a pretty frantic collection of numbers ‘I'm On My Way to Save Your Rock 'n' Roll’ for example, picks up the pace early on, with its wailing guitar intro, before drummer Peder Carlsson sets up the song’s frantic pace. More of a Pop Punk number than anything else, but there's nothing wrong with that now is there?

‘White Light District’ doesn’t let the pace slide either with its solid guitar riff pushing the song forwards. A favourite of mine from an early listen, it just hooks you straight in and doesn’t want to let you go. The chorus is a catchy one and I genuinely can't wait to see this one live - I'm betting it'll be a cornerstone of the band’s live shows for sometime to come.

‘Wasted Years’ bounces along with abandon as the guitar punctuates the lyrics which really adds a bit extra to the sound with front man Nicke Borg doing well to keep up with the fast pace.

He does get the chance to showcase his powerful voice during the slower mid section, though, which affords him a bit of breathing space. ‘Never Finish Anything’ is probably the fastest number here with Borg sharing vocals with lead guitarist Andreas Tyrone Svensson (also known simply as Dregen).

Let me tell you, this track is a real foot tapper, and I pretty much guarantee you'll be singing along to the chorus on the very first listen. It’s both fun and frantic all combined into three and a half minutes of pure joy before culminating in a glorious crescendo. Top work boys, absolutely top work!

Of course, there’s more to this band than fast numbers and there are couple of medium paced ones thrown into the mix for good measure. Album opener ‘Th1rt3en or Nothing’ starts solidly enough with Carlsson punching out the beat, but when the guitar from Svensson kicks in, it dominates from the track from there on in.

backyard babies

If you throw in another catchy chorus, then the band find themselves with another great crowd pleaser. ‘Mirrors’ too, is a more mid-paced effort, with Svensson again leading the way on guitar. Borg gives a laid back and sincere performance here, while Carlsson keeps a steady beat at the back making the most of his drum kit during the fills before Svensson’s superb guitar solo.

For me, though, the absolute highlight of the album has to be ‘Bloody Tears’. Yes, the band can do fast and shouty numbers very well, but they also manage to produce a great sounding ballad when the feeling takes them.

Outstanding is the only way I can describe this number – from the passion filled performance from Borg set against Carlsson’s simple drum beat and a bit of piano thrown in for good measure.

By the time you reach the chorus, the electric guitar from Svensson fills out the sound. Everything single note is perfectly sung and perfectly played and it’s all perfectly timed and perfectly recorded - a genuine “cherry on the cake” moment.

You can see Backyard Babies live here: Saturday 10th October – Loud Park 2015, Japan
Thursday 5th November – Markthalle, Hamburg
Friday 6th November – C-Club, Berlin
Saturday 7th November – Hirsch, Nuremburg
Sunday 8th November – Backstage Halle, Munich
Monday 9th November – Szene, Vienna
Tuesday 10th November – Gaswerk, Winterthur
Wednesday 11th November – L'Usine, Geneva
Thursday 12th November – Live Club, Milan
Saturday 14th November – Bikini, Barcelona
Sunday 15th November – Joy Eslava, Madrid
Tuesday 17th November – La Maroquinerie, Paris
Wednesday 18th November – Luxor, Cologne
Saturday 21st November – Speedfest, Eindhoven
Sunday 22nd November – Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton
Monday 23rd November – O2 ABC2, Glasgow
Tuesday 24th November – Academy 3, Manchester
Wednesday 25th November – Islington Academy, London

‘Four By Four’ Track List:
Th1rt3en or Nothing
I'm On My Way to Save Your Rock 'n' Roll
White Light District
Bloody Tears
Never Finish Anything
Mirrors (Shall Be Broken)
Wasted Years

Backyard Babies are:
Nicke Borg – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Andreas Tyrone Svensson (aka Dregen) – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Johan Blomqvist – Bass Guitar
Peder Carlsson – Drums

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